‘No US solution to Egypt, Syria anarchy’

‘No US solution to Egypt, Syria anarchy’

While the political situation unravels in Egypt and a civil war rages in Syria, American analysts believe the US may be out of options to quell the...

Washington (IANS): While the political situation unravels in Egypt and a civil war rages in Syria, American analysts believe the US may be out of options to quell the bloodshed. Spiraling violence has engulfed Cairo and has spread nationwide after the recent military takeover of power from the Muslim Brotherhood. Last week saw more than 800 deaths after Egypt's military steamrolled through a pro-Brotherhood protest. On Monday, alleged Islamist extremists attacked two police vehicles in Sinai, killing more than 25 officers and wounding three.

Despite US President Barack Obama's decision to scrap the upcoming joint US-Egypt military exercises and an announcement to halt economic assistance, American analysts believe that suspending the $1.3 billion US military aid was unlikely, Xinhua reported.

Slashing the aid would be of little use, as Egypt's military believes it is engaged in a life and death struggle for the soul of the country, analysts said. "The stakes are just too stark for them to really take into account US preferences here," Jeffrey Martini, a Middle East analyst with policy research group Rand Corp., told Xinhua.
"For the military, they are trying to create a narrative that they are in a fight to protect the state from terrorism," he said. In addition, US influence in Egypt is waning, as aid has dropped 10-fold from its Cold War high nearly two decades ago, diminishing Washington's clout in the embattled country, Martini said. With regard to Syria, the US is yet to deliver on its promise to send weapons to Syrian rebels after the White House in June concluded that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government used chemical weapons.
Spiritual leader arrested
Cairo (PTI): Spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badie has been arrested in Cairo, Egyptian officials said on Tuesday. The arrest comes in the wake of authorities pursing a crackdown on the Brotherhood, Morsi's party, which has triggered violent protests and attracted international condemnation.
Badie's arrest also follows just a day after 25 policemen were killed when militants ambushed them in the border city of Rafah. Over 850 people are reported to have been killed so far following a tense standoff between the army-backed government and pro-Morsi supporters after the former President was ousted in coup earlier by the army.
Brotherhood appoints new leader
Cairo (IANS): Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood on Tuesday appointed Mahmoud Ezzat as its temporary new leader, after its general guide Mohamed Badie was arrested.A statement on the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party website named Ezzat, deputy of the former general guide, as the new chief as per the group's internal regulations, Xinhua reported citing the official Egyptian news agency MENA. "In the absence of the general guide either for travelling abroad, or for being sick or in emergency cases, his deputy is entitled with his responsibilities," the statement said. Mohamed Badie was arrested by the police in Cairo on Tuesday morning, and transferred to Torah prison, where former president Hosni Mubarak and his two sons are detained.
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