Teachers condemn order accounting Invigilators' for copying
Teachers condemn order accounting Invigilators' for copying

Condemning the Telangana government’s decision to make invigilators responsible for any copying taking place during their watch, several teachers’ organizations on Tuesday advised teachers on invigilation duties to not sign on any such declaration.

Demanding the immediate cancellation of the order, they advised teachers to ask to be relieved from the invigilation duties if they are pressurized to sign the declaration.

Teachers further said that if the government does not trust teachers with examination duties, the job should be given to third parties. Also, they stated that in case of organized or mass copying or situations where invigilator helped the students on purpose, the government can take action but added that it is not fair to blame them for individual cases.

Telangana Progressive Teachers’ Federation rued that making only invigilators responsible for copying taking place in a centre is unfair particularly when sitting squads, flying squads, chief superintendents, departmental officers are also put in force.

Last week, the director of the government examination (DGE) of exams, issued a circular which said that DEOs/ MEOs (district/mandal education officers) and invigilators will be personally held accountable for any copying that takes place under their jurisdiction.

It further stated that disciplinary action will be initiated against them in this regard.