Warangal: Dead rat found in brinjal curry
Warangal: Dead rat found in brinjal curry

In a bizarre incident, a man found a dead rat in the brinjal curry he ordered at a reputed tiffin centre in Warangal. The man, identified as Ramesh ordered a meal on Tuesday afternoon at Akshay Tiffins where he was offered brinjal curry with rice. However, he found a dead rat in the curry which he pulled by its tail and showed to the hotel management. 

The other customers at the tiffin centre were shocked to see the dead rat.

Meanwhile, the video regarding the incident has gone viral on social media following which the municipal authorities seized the hotel kitchen. 

GWMC health officials that they have taken samples of the curry and sent it for lab testing. They stated that even though the kitchen of the hotel is in a hygienic condition, it has been seized for now adding that strict action will be taken based on the reports.

A fine of Rs 10,000 was also imposed on the hotel.