Team PK wanted to meet me, says Amanchi
Team PK wanted to meet me, says Amanchi

Chirala MLA Amanchi Krishnamohan made interesting remarks about Team Prashant Kishore, which is playing a key role in shaping YS Jagan’s poll strategy. He said Team PK had met him twice and discussed about Chirala politics.

He said team members Azad and Pradeep, according to Amanchi, met him twice and told him that Prashant Kishore himself had sought a meeting. The team PK members told him that in Chirala, it is Amanchi who matters and not political parties. 

So, PK wanted to know his ideology and strategies. He said though Prashant Kishore wanted to meet him, he did not meet them. The Team PK it self has agreed about my clout in Chirala and wanted to understand his popularity among the voters. Will Team PK respond now about Amanchi Krishnamohan’s comments?

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