Armed Gang Bandits strikes again! Tries to loot jewellery store in Hyderabad
Armed Gang Bandits strikes again! Tries to loot jewellery store in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Six members of bandit gang strikes it all again in the city to loot a Jwellery Shop at Lakshmi Nagar colony in Nagaram on Tuesday afternoon. While fleeing from the spot, the gang opened fire in the air, sending shock waves in the zone. Later, they assaulted a biker and snatched his bike. 

Around 2 pm, Two dacoits, posing as customers entered RS Rathore Jewellers located on the road between Lakshmi Nagar and Nagaram, Rachakonda Police said. They wanted shop owner Roop Singh to show case them a gold chain worth Rs 15,000/

Scene by scene : how the drama unfolded 

  1. Around 2pm, two persons enter RS Rathore Jewellers as customers at Nagaram.
  2. They requested the shop owner to show case few gold chains and a ring.
  3. After a couple of minutes, one of them whips out a Rifle and threatens the shop owner. 
  4. Four goons, outside the door enter the shop at once.
  5. Roop Singh immediately raises an alarm, observing their moves.
  6. Hearing his cries for help, a neighbour screams for help, drawing attention of passerby’s. 
  7. Dacoits panic on seeing people gathering in front of Shop and slip out of the place. 
  8. Six dacoits get on two motor bikes and flee away from the spot.
  9. A little later, w bike rams into a car, 3 dacoits travelling on it take to their heels. 
  10. After some distance, they stop a biker assault him and snatched his bike.
  11. Four members of the gang who were standing outside, entered the Shop, another person too whipped out a gun. Perhaps fearing that they might Land up in trouble as passerby’s stared gathering in large numbers they started slipping out of the shop one by one. In their hurry to flee, one of the accused dropped his weapon in the store.

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