Santa myth brings family together

Santa myth brings family together

Santa Myth Brings Family Together. Matthew Insisted That Santa May Be A Christmas Tradition, But The Spirit Of Family And Being Together Is Universal.

Washington: Psychologists have revealed that although telling kids that Santa Claus exists is practically lying, it is actually a normal and healthy part of a child's development. According to Dr. Matthew Lorber, a child psychiatrist in NYC, it is not a bad thing for kids to believe in the myth of someone trying to make people happy if they are behaving, Live Science reported.

Santa Myth Brings Family TogetherMatthew asserted that imagination helps develop creative minds. He explained that the story of Santa Claus is actually based on a real generous person, St. Nicholas, has real value and it is something that inspires children.
Matthew insisted that Santa may be a Christmas tradition, but the spirit of giving to poor and needy, and the spirit of family and being together is universal.
Meanwhile, Stephanie Wagner, a clinical psychologist at the NYU Child Study Center, said that the Santa story is also deeply embedded in popular culture.
Stephanie said to the publication that she would not necessarily say lying to children about Santa is a good thing, but it is certainly not harmful as Christmas brings families together, and the Santa myth reinforces these bonds.
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