Worst pick-up lines that will leave you dateless

Worst pick-up lines that will leave you dateless

Dating? Avoid These Pick-Up Lines. Damien Said That Using A Cheesy Pick-Line Makes The Guy Come Across As A Sleazy.

Melbourne: If you have ever been turned down by a girl for saying the wrong thing, then you might be using the wrong pick-up lines.

Worst Pick-Up Lines That Will Leave You Dateless

According to School of Attraction head coach Damien Diecke , the lines which seem like humble conversation starters, might just actually be the most overused and cliched things a guy can say to a girl, News.com.au reported.

Damien said that that using a cheesy pick-line not only makes the guy come across as a sleazy, but also gives an impression that he is unoriginal, instead of being fun and interesting.

He added that the line "Do you come here often?" was the oldest and most overused line in the book and showed a potential date that the guy lacks creativity and originality.

The line "You look like someone I know" makes the guy seem dishonest and the ladies instantly lose interest, as women are "born lie detectors".He said that using a line like "You're really hot, come here" makes the women think that they guy is just being arrogant and plain sleazy, and they prefer guys who are upfront and confident.

Damien added that lines like "You must be an angel because I'm in heaven" and "I seem to have lost my number can I borrow yours" aren't funny as they are old and plain cheesy.

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