Women with migraine: How can men help

Women with migraine: How can men help

Women with Migraines...Things Men Should do During the Attack, Most men think that women in migraine are willing to listen and understand the logic behind the attack; they are not!

Migraines are perhaps one of the most painful psychosomatic and neurological conditions that prevail among women. Given that migraine is more of a condition driven by emotions and hormones, the female population in most parts of the world are victimized by it in majority. There is no permanent cure yet invented for this dreadful pain that bangs inside the head like the hitting of a hammer.
If you are one among those many men whose wives or partners are ailing with migraine, here are few Do’s that you need to keep in mind while dealing with your woman in crisis.
Don’t talk about it!
Most men think that women in migraine are willing to listen and understand the logic behind the attack; they are not! Here is a useful tip – do not discuss anything about the condition that she is currently in. Quietly get a room ready with closed curtains and dark atmosphere so that she can rest.
A Hug would Do
Women are totally driven by emotional quotient in a relationship and that forms a crucial aspect while dealing with them suffering in migraine; give your girl a nice, warm hug that would elevate her senses and gives her a sense of protection; just leaving her to fend for herself in the pain is a total no-no; even though she says that she can deal with it alone, she simply cannot.
Be a helping hand
The worst victims of migraine are the women with responsibilities and children. If your partner is dealing with raising children all by herself; well, she is a warrior alright, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a part of the battle. Chip in and help her with some chores whenever you are home, and this comes as a great gesture if you are able to baby sit the children while she is resting.
Lighten up the atmosphere
For the migraine sufferer, the conditions around matter a lot deal. The ambience surrounding the victim either aggravates or reduces the pain in the head. Make sure that your wife or partner is comfortable in her surroundings during the attack. Try and be a little romantic even if you are not – play a soothing music, bring some flowers, decorate the room, or simply, sit by her side at a quiet place. Given the kind of emotional fools we women are, we will kill for it!
Be her white knight
Whether there is room for moments in relationships in other situations or not, please ensure that you are indeed, her white knight, at the time of crisis. You don’t have to splurge lavish gifts or plan an expensive dinner for her, just hold her hand and tell her that you are there by her side.
These little gestures immensely contribute to the well-being of your lady and her mission to combat the waging headaches. Go for them!!
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