Maternity Sabbatical: How to kill time

Maternity Sabbatical: How to kill time

Maternity Sabbatical: How to kill time. Sabbaticals – they are taken for breaks, revelations and most importantly, babies.

Sabbaticals – they are taken for breaks, revelations and most importantly, babies. Maternity sabbatical is one of the toughest challenges for women who have been working non-stop in a corporate set up, preparing four blockers and ruling the Board Room decision making. As noble as the gesture is, a maternity sabbatical can get on the nerves if not tackled right. Solely changing diapers and nursing the child will make one go crazy if there are no other self-sustaining goals involved.

Here are few things that you can try doing while on that extended sabbatical confined to home

1. Pursue a dormant passion – Identifying dormant passions and realising them now is the perfect thing to do while on a sabbatical. The hidden creative urges can now be brought out and embraced without pressure. Photography, writing, arts, baking..the list is endless if you have the will to start off.

2. Positive lifestyle – Raising a child is more excruciating than a 9 to 5 job. This is a 24/7 responsibility that can cause women to have emotional blackouts – it’s very important to kick start daily activities like Yoga and meditation to stay fit with thoughts and body.

3. Turn an Entrepreneur – This is the era of small businesses booming on social networks. A lot of homemakers who have quit high profile jobs for the sake of children are now active entrepreneurs, running their small chain of baking, fashion designing and terracotta jewellery. See what suits you best and you can do it – all from the comfort of your home while watching your child.

4. Re-kindle your social life – Something that you might have not done in years slogging at work – this is the ideal time to catch up with old friends, make new friends who sail in the same ship, join the kitty groups, start a support group; these social measures not only uplift your spirits, but also empower women who connect with you.

5. Join an initiative – If you were one of those women who always wanted to contribute to the society, no more waiting. Use your sabbatical to join an NGO, start your own social cause or work for a campaign. This will let you be a part of a productive movement that you have been long waiting for!

While the options are endless and the possibilities limitless, a maternity sabbatical should not necessarily be confined to baby bottles and finger goods. Go ahead and take charge, your way!!

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