Sun stroke - precautions to take this summer

Sun stroke - precautions to take this summer

Sun stroke - Precautions to Take This Summer, Sun strokes are the impending threats in the summer. Although most of us tend to neglect the oncoming attack due to heat in our busy lives,

Sun strokes are the impending threats in the summer. Although most of us tend to neglect the oncoming attack due to heat in our busy lives, the sun strokes are capable of bringing on a disaster, including death. It is very important to know and understand the causes of sun stroke.

A sun stroke is a serious medical condition. Also known as a heat stroke, it makes the body temperature rise too high as a result of excessive exposure to heat.There are some strong symptoms to be checked and detected to diagnose a sun stroke. High temperature, profuse sweating that never stops, increased heartbeat, rapid breathing or a shallow breathing, muscle cramps, dry and red skin, nausea, vomiting, dark urine, headaches, anxiety, restlessness, hallucinations, irrational behaviour and loss of consciousness – all of these have to be greatly evaluated to rule out the possibility of a sun stroke.
Solid precautions when taken before hand can prevent the possibility of a sun stroke on the body.
Take a look at the following measures that one can take to prevent a sun stroke:
1. Clothing – Wearing light clothing helps the body to breathe. It also contributes to a
psychological wellbeing, making the mind feel light. This is an important measure to take
during severe temperatures like summers. Wearing Cottons and Lenin will help feel better
while stepping out in the sun.
2. Liquids – Consuming lot of liquids takes precedence to avoid heat strokes. Keeping water
handy all the time and ensuring regular intake of juices and supplements helps the body to
fight dehydration, thereby help overcome the possibility of a sun stroke.
3. Medications – This is one of the most important things one usually forgets – keeping a check
on daily medication is vital as some of the medicines and their components have direct
connection with triggering the onset of a sun stroke. Beta blockers, Diuretics, Neuroleptics,
Phenothiazines, Anticholinergics, Cocaine and Ampheamines – all these drugs are said to
increase the risk of heat stroke. Speak to your doctor to determine the intake during summer.
4. Fitness – Being fitness and not obese helps fight almost everything; heat stroke included.
Feeling lazy and postponing your workouts during summer is a strict no as these result in
body getting clumsy and more prone to a sun stroke. If the heat is unbearable during the day,
try to move the fitness regime to evening when the comfort zone gets high to sweat.
5. Healthy diet – Probably a grandma tip, this is one of the best ways to fight sun strokes.
Keeping the body well-nourished throughout the day gathers that physical strength required to
combat the heat; a healthy diet that doesn’t have oily and fried food always wins.
The best way to fight a sun stroke is by following the precautions. Do not wait for the incident. Sun
strokes have to be prevented with care.
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