Bird watching: a Growing Passion

Bird watching: a Growing Passion

Birdwatching:Growing Passion:True beauty is enjoyed at its best when one is right in the heart of nature, one way of it is by celebrating nature is celebrating the beauty of it in wings.

“True beauty is enjoyed at its best when one is right in the heart of nature, one way of it is by celebrating nature is celebrating the beauty of it in wings”
Once upon a time, people used Sundays and Saturdays to rest and spend time with their family or relax with friends or just lay around like a lump and catch up on their sleep, but in preset times people just wake up early in the mornings, form groups and go out in search of birds either at sanctuaries or lakes outskirts of the city or small forests, but not to hunt them or have them as pets but simply to identify them and make a list or widen their knowledge or find an opportunity to click good pictures with their DSLR’s. After their birding, these birders come along and sit down to compare their list of birds’ spotted or just compare each other’s pictures and either share their home cooked food or eat at an eatery joint nearby.

In recent days as people have started having an easier access to work with a cameras and have started gaining interest in exploring with it, they have come across the idea of Bird watching. The passion of photography has somehow turned into a passion for birding. At the sight of a migratory or a rare bird people have been seen getting excited or even curious about how that bird ended up here? Where as some have happen to mastered the art of recognizing a bird to such perfection that they can simply recognize the bird by listening to its voice, or recognize their gender just by a single look at the bird and also tell you the entire history of the bird from where it was spotted first and what’s its scientific name or a few get so engrossed in identifying the bird that they can’t help but meet a few accidents etc. This passion has increased so much that whenever these birders find an opportunity, they hit the road to sanctuaries outside their state or even out of country to go bird watching and most of the times come back with the most interesting story about their trips or amazing clicks from their trips.

There is an adventure group in the city that helps you and guides you when it comes to bird watching which is called Bird Watchers Society Of Andhra Pradesh also known as BSAP. This society go on regular bird watching trips and also helps in taking the bird count for wildlife department of our country. We do find a lot of young and new birders coming for trips every time there is trip planned and every time there is some surprise that awaits you. It is not only a great way to celebrate nature but in a way is the most relaxing thing you can ever find to do in your past time.

By Amritha Lawrence

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