Rest well to be well Shachi Maheshwari

Rest well to be well Shachi Maheshwari

Rest well to be well Shachi Maheshwari, In our day-to-day routines, it is important to know a vital element which provides us well being.

Hyderabad: In our day-to-day routines, it is important to know a vital element which provides us well being. We are so much engrossed in our daily routines, whether it is duties, career or relationships that we hardly have time for ourselves. Unfortunately, what people do not realise is that this kind of activity- packed, fast-paced lifestyle eventually leads them to a doctor’s clinic, where they readily spend time and money instead of simply taking regular rest.

It is amusing to know that we are running so much in life and we are not aware whether this running is worth the cost of our body or not. Our body is a machine, which is provided to sustain for three hundred years and we manhandle it so much that after sixty, we start expecting the worst. Have you ever thought why?

The basic requirement for a body to function well is rest and that is the least important job for us. Unlike the animals that sleep whenever they want to and we human beings are backed by our pre-conceived notions and are not able to come out of our routines. We never listen to our bodies. The body gives so many notices to us to show that we have not paid attention to it but we still believe in medicines more than these natural phenomena of rest. Animals are never told by anyone to take a break and they understand their bodies the natural way unlike us. It is the opposite case with human beings, who often get carried away with worldly chores and responsibilities, so much so that they often end up falling sick.

To make matters worse, many people resort to cups of stimulants like tea, coffee or tobacco to artificially increase their work related time-span. This really harms the body in the long run.

With the times in past it is seen that the people used to rest well in olden times unlike now where we have these diseases like hypertension, stress, anger-related issues, blood pressure, sugar, etc. We found very less of these then as people used to rest well. Night jobs pay well but they might take away a lot of health from our bodies. The interesting thing about rest is that it works like our cell phones.

Unless charged properly they cannot be used properly. In the same way, rest creates rejuvenation to the body and the body gets charged up again by resting well. Many researchers have proved that the people who rest well remain healthy for a longer period of time. Listen to your bodies and rest well whenever you feel body is tired. It’s a natural way of healing in our bodies. While we give importance to all the things in our lives like eating, earning, talking, handling we should not tend to forget resting well to make a healthy beginning of next day.

By: Shachi Maheshwari

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