How to stop aging with a few lifestyle changes

How to stop aging with a few lifestyle changes

How to Stop aging with a few lifestyle changes We all want to look young. Anti-aging creams have invaded the cosmetic market so much so that there\'s a new brand pushing anti-aging products every day.

We all want to look young. Anti-aging creams have invaded the cosmetic market so much so that there's a new brand pushing anti-aging products every day.

Age shows on the skin and the body. Did you know that even your routine takes a toll on your body? Fret not, for a few changes in lifestyle can help keep you young. Sounds interesting? Read on to know more...

Let go of anger: Anger not only ups blood pressure but also stresses you to the extent of elevating blood sugar levels that may cause diabetes. So forgiveness is the best policy. Let go of anger and see how healthy you feel.

Stay active: If you are one of those who has the busiest work schedule or work night shifts then take time out to fit in some physical activity. It could be as simple as walking up to the grocery store or even talking the stairs in office. This helps keep your body flexible which matters a lot as you age.

No more late nights: 8-10 hours of beauty sleep is a must not only to look fresh but also remain young. Sleeplessness causes under eye circles and makes eyes look droopy. So compromise on your late night TV soaps and hit the sack.

Sugar not so sweet: Do you have sugar in your food? Well it needn't necessarily be desserts but we Indians have a tendency to add sugar to a few foods like Bengalis add sugar to tomato chutney, South Indians add sugar to rasam. But did you know that sugar not only ups diabetes risk but also causes acne and wrinkles on the skin? Also minimize use of sugar in coffee and tea.

Junk food a strict no-no: Is your office close to MCD, Pizza joints or supermarkets selling ready to eat foods? AVOID! There’s nothing like home food. French fries, cheesy pizzas may de-stress you. But they are high in cholesterol which will eventually get you addicted because of its taste and then you can see yourself getting obese. Say no to junk food and aerated drinks.

Kick the butt: Smoking is injurious to health. How many times have we not seen this sign on cigarette packs? But we tend to ignore the warning signs knowing fully well that smoking can half your life. Time to add years to your life by killing this habit. Better late than never. Kick the butt NOW to live longer.

Cut Alcohol consumption: People who booze daily not only suffer risk of heart and liver diseases but also put on weight. Limit the number of drinks to add years to your life.

Water is the best beverage: Drinking more water not only flushes toxins out of your body but also makes your skin glow, aids digestion and rejuvenates skin cells.

Don't fret over things you can't change: The more you stress, the more lines are formed on your face. When you know some situations are not under your control don't waste your energy worrying over it. If you are overworked, take a break. Go on a vacation and see how rejuvenated and refreshed you feel after a vacation.

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