We all do a bit of Yoga in everyday life: Karan Tacker

We all do a bit of Yoga in everyday life: Karan Tacker

Small screen\'s heartthrob Karan Tacker who is the host of The Voice India talks about his spiritual escapade…

Small screen's heartthrob Karan Tacker who is the host of The Voice India talks about his spiritual escapade…

Do you practice yoga in real life?
Karan: Yes, I practice yoga in real life. In fact, what most people don’t realize is that we all do a lot of yoga on a daily basis. Something as simple as, every time we are stressed we have been taught since childhood to control our breathing because it calms us down – this act in yoga terms is Pranayam. Also, there are a lot of stretches and poses that we do and we breathe through these poses which again is a part of yoga. I personally practice these stretches/asanas before and after my workout.
For how long do you do it each day?
Karan: As part of my routine, I do my stretches in the gym before and after my workout session. I practice each of the asanas for one minute and do a total of six different asanas. I repeat these asanas thrice which makes it a total of 18 minutes. I repeat the same routine after my workout. So cumulatively, I practice yoga for 36 minutes precisely every day.
What is your favorite asana?
Karan: It would have to be Vajarasan, I have major digestive issues and this asan helps me process my food. It is an interesting asan, pretty scientific too. When you sit in Vajarasan it immediately cuts the supply of blood in your body below your abdomen, and when that happens the blood immediately starts flowing into your stomach because of the kind of posture you maintain during the asan and it works to digest your food. And Vajarasan is the only asan/exercise that one can do immediately after consuming food.
According to you why should we all incorporate yoga in our day to day life?
Karan: For a simple reason being, we all need peace of mind and that is what everybody looks forward to in this day and age. So, if you meditate, you control your breathing you are able to have better control on yourself that is one very good reason to incorporate yoga in our day to day life. Secondly, Yoga is an ancient form of exercise where your body connects with your soul. It is a form of spiritual connection where you are aware of your body and your body in turn is aware of your soul.
Speaking on a superficial level, your flexibility improves, it is a great form of exercise, it improves your blood flow and it is a fantastic way to start the day. Also, the westerners are practicing it and it is known to be a 5000 year old form of exercise that was discovered in India, so yes, why not incorporate it in India and by people worldwide?
What do they have to say about the introduction of world yoga day and this time TV celebs have also been approached by the Government. Usually only film stars get endorsements like this?
Karan: The introduction of World Yoga day is brilliant. In fact, I am a part of the campaign that the PM has started. It is indeed a wonderful concept, where we want to create awareness about yoga across the globe. Knowledge about yoga already exists among major part of the world and it is great that the Government is approaching TV celebrities among others from the entire entertainment fraternity to be a part of this campaign and speak about it.
I don’t see discrimination of any sort between film, music, cricket personality or television personality. I think we are a part of a large fraternity and we all have enough eyeballs that we bring. So, more the merrier, I feel that such campaigns should in fact involve people from television, music, films, sports and other strata of life that can bring more attention to a cause like this and a day like this which is The Yoga Day, which in itself is a great initiative and I am happy to be a part of it.
By Lipika Varma
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