Survey finds that Indian children prefer holiday with swimming pools and slides

Indian children like having swimming pools or water slides in their hotel, resorts or around the area where they go on a holiday, reveals a survey. Booking.com, an online accommodation booking website, conducted the survey 'Little Adventurers' which received responses from 22,564 people aged between 5 to 15 from across the globe. 

Only 100 participants were Indian. According to the findings, 66 per cent Indian children like having pools in their resorts and 70 per cent children want Wi-Fi or a fast internet connection wherever they are on a holiday away from home. 

While 85 per cent of the Indian respondents, aged 5-11, dig activities they can't do at home, 63 per cent of them liked the fact that they were able to eat breakfast late and 68 per cent of them were happy to be able to eat food that they are normally not allowed back home.

Most children had a special place in their heart for bouncy beds and 51 per cent of them liked the fact that their rooms were bigger than their own at home, the survey indicated.