How to deal relationship with Anxiety
How to deal relationship with Anxiety

Are you tormented by anxiety about your relationship ? Whether your partner is faithful, If your relationship will last or not or if you are interesting enough for your partner ?? Let us know how to address these suppressed feelings. 

Relationship is all about a connection between two or more people. A relationship can be either a fulfilling thing or a stressful one in the world, which can actually be a worry in our lives. When two people are closely aligned there can often be a clash of many things like : egos, views, thoughts, personalities, beliefs etc. 

Right from the time of birth to death we are involved with various kind of people at various stages in our life and thus involved in various relationships.

When does anxiety actually happen? It happens when there is something that happens in the relationship that leaves one individual feeling worried and unsettled.

The anxiety happens in different degrees for different people. For some the very thought of being in a relationship can stress them out, for some early stages of a relationship is worrying: like is there a future in this relationship? Is my partner serious about me or is he/she is just playing games? As the relationship progresses, the worrying and anxiety can intensify. Experts say insecurity is often at the root of relationship anxieties. Ofcourse there can be other factors too, real or imagined. The fact of the matter is, one has to get over the relationship anxiety in order to enjoy a stable and healthy relationship.

Identify the problem: like if you're feeling insecure in a relationship, there must be some underlying    Causes. Try identifying them.

Try to keep all the communication channels open

Stop thinking about the worst: as far as possible try and eliminate negative thinking.

Deep breathing actually helps 

In case if it goes out of hand seek professional help

Let's get SOCIAL 
Once it was all about social sites like My space and Orkut, now there is the only looming spectre of Facebook. 

Try downloading these new and still cool apps to refresh your social media scene 

LAUNCHED In 2014, let's its users record videos upto one minute long and gives them a range of editing options. You can add music and filters, and experiment with frame speeds and video rehearsal.

REDDIT: reddit is the fourth most visited website in the world, where you can find discussion boards on topics that range from molecular science to cats scared by cucumbers. 

TUMBLR: Tumblr  let's you post photos and videos, just like any other social media platform. What truly sets it apart, however, are the groups different Tumblr users form. These groups actively indulge in one specific common interest, creating content and conversation around it. 

SMULE: With audio and video filters, smule is all about letting your inner performer shine. While the app allows you to take solo videos, out favourite feature is the online karaoke option that lets you perform duets with your friends and other users from around the world.