Let's hack beauty tips for this new year
Let's hack beauty tips for this new year

With the party season just around the corner, the pressure to look nothing but the best is real. We will help you with a few fashion hacks, which will make heads turn as you make an entry into a party.

Preparation: start by moisturising and nourishing your skin.

Eye: dab a subtle shade of eyeshadow, and then use the kohl to smudge the corner of the eye for the smokey effect.

Pout that lip: use a nice nude matte on the lip 

Hair: cleanse your hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner for that extra dose of moisture and protein to the hair. 

Add a dollop of smoothening serum for that silky smoothening serum for that silky smooth finish on semi dry hair. Using a curler take even horizontal sections of hair and wrap these sections around the tong. 

Once the hair is hot, remove the curler and leave it for a bit to cool. Continue this process over until you have completed the entire head then the curls lightly to get those perfect soft curls. Finish off by adding a hairspray to keep them in place.