Let's mark the year in fitness
Let's mark the year in fitness

2017 will be remembered as the year when fitness moved out of the gyms and closed spaces.
 Functional fitness 

Rather than bulging biceps the focus was on improving core strength and stamina to carry out daily tasks without fatigue. From doing daily chores to sitting long hours at the desk, the focus was more specific than the mindless lifting of weights. 

Body weight training:

Instead of external weights, use of ones own body weight for resistance training became big and how!  push ups, planks, sit ups and chin ups became more popular than dumbbell and rod curls.

Outdoor group exercise:

People got together to work out in the open. From cycling groups to yoga gangs, group exercise caught everyone's fancy and how! Even trainers moved to parks.

Wearable health tech:
We made sure to completely our daily task of doing a designated number of steps, monitored our sleep patterns, heart rate and calorie count. Wearable tech kept us in our toes.