Wear the vibrancy fabric jewellery
Wear the vibrancy fabric jewellery

Jasmin Kaur, the lady behind the fun and vibrant fabric jewellery brand Technicolour shares her journey of bringing her brand to the masses.

“I grew up learning how to balance numbers but I knew my heart lay in colours. After years of trying to follow just one passion, I realised I needed more. I couldn't just be happy with one thing, I needed something creative in life, and that's how Technicolour was born. It was a fairly obvious culmination of everything I love, and it lets me push, explore and find myself again and again. 

The core idea of my brand is adding bright pops of colour to everyday mundane life. I want to make quirky jewellery accessible to people without having to shell out too much money, all the while keeping it sustainable and ethical. All my products are made from recycled cardboard and leftover fabrics. I've always hated seeing beautiful scraps of fabric being thrown away so I came up with a way to use it all.

The idea of Technicolour Jewellery was kind of an accident. My mother had got this ikkat fabric left over from a suit and I just didn't want to throw it away. So I used the fabric with some cardboard and old studs and made a pair of earrings. I'd sent these to my friend, and when we posted pictures of these online, people started asking where they could buy, so I started selling from my personal Instagram page. 

The response has been truly amazing. I've gotten so much love from people that I really had never anticipated. I've got clients from all walks of life adorning these earrings and sending me pictures everyday and I'm glad I could be a part of their special moments.
The inspiration has always been the fabrics that I use. My designs come from basic geometrical shapes and how they can be incorporated into the fabric. 

When I design a piece,I start with the fabric and then add in the metal elements in a way that the fabric is the hero of the earring.  I think wearability is extremely important when it comes to jewellery. 

My pieces can easily be worn daily for work or at a special event. Most of them are lightweight, easy to handle and easy on the pocket. Every piece I make is an echo of what I stand for- sustainable, fun, ethical products that bring a smile to your face.” Says Jasmine

Range of Products You Offer: Currently I have a wide range of earrings in all sizes, ranging from small everyday wear to statement pieces. I have a few neckpiece designs too with a German silver base and I'm coming out with a fabric-afghani range next month.
Pricing: The products start at INR 500/-

Shop: Instagram- Technicolourjewellery, Facebook- TechnicolourJewellery