Seema Gurnani
Seema Gurnani

Where there's a will there's a success story, those days are gone where women were restricted to the kitchen and never stepped out of the threshold to earn a living. The new generation women are coming out and proving themselves with their zeal and entrepreneurship.

On this special occasion of International Women's Day, we have a inspirational story of Seema Gurnani, who is a young entrepreneur started a memorable journey with 'Panda Reviewz'. Here she shares her opinion on Nari Sahkti

What is your take on present day’s women?

I think women in the past and the present are the same, the only thing which is changed is the societies persuasion towards woman, its good that people understand the value and the role of a women. Today women and men are on the same platform, which is a beautiful thing to see.

What is your view on feminism and entrepreneurship?

Today feminism is become a common and most misused word, but the actually definition of feminism is the equal opportunities for both man and woman. Feminism doesn’t mean that women should be given reservations, like special berths, separate lines, in fact on the name of feminism its more pseudo feminism which is not right. Actually women don’t need reservations, the only thing needed is creating the opportunities, so that they can make their own space in their own way.

What are the challenges faced by women today?

Well, challenges are there for both men and women, but when compared women face more social pressure challenges, additional family pressures and lots of do's and don’ts, this thinking has to be changed. The entrepreneur world is supporting women, because today we have she cabs, where women are competing with men in tough jobs. The perception towards women has to be changed, which is changing with the help of media.

Women empowerment seems to be practically failing in reality, what your opinion on it?

Yes I agree on it, for example they are lot of films on women achievement like Mary Kom, Dangal. But before the movie release how many people know them hardly very few. They have become celebrities after a movie was made on them. In words everyone talk about women empowerment, but coming to reality its something different. i think this scenario has to be changed.

How did you start your career?

After schooling in Vijayawada, I moved to Delhi and secured a degree in BBA. then worked for a Google’s client-based company in Hyderabad for a short while. Nine months to be precise. then I quit my job for the love of food and travel. I had started traveling when I was 16. The quest to explore new horizons did not allow me to continue in the job. I came out to do something I enjoy doing rather than working for money.  And I realized the need to do something of my own. Then I decided to create Panda Reviewz, Vijayawada’s answer to Zomato.

After starting the blog writing I realized the importance of SEO (Search engine Optimization). Now I am also a consultant for SEO working of various projects.

Is there any office set for your work, and what is the team strength?

Ya, office is needed, but I am a completely different person as i said earlier that I like traveling and explore new destinations. So i don’t have any office set up right now. My work travels along with me today it may be in Goa, or next day it may be at my home its all about the freedom lifestyle, office lifestyle doesn’t suit to my work. My office is me and my laptop.

And all my interns and employees are freelancers. Now my team is around 7 to 10 members, but in future when I want to scale it up. I want to create more opportunities for women in my team, so this year I am planning to add more 20 freelancers in my team.

At present, how many projects are you working with?

Well, currently am working with around 6 good startup brands, where I help them with SEO, connect them with blogs and apart from it I also contribute content for Zoom Car, Refreshmoney and zoozooday.

And one of my favorite project is 'herbussinesstravel' which is all related to working women who travel a lot, this is the one stop solution for all their issues. And am very proud of this project because its related to working women.

I also welcome more women into this field, of course there is a big risk here but you can overcome it with passion and dedication.

Today digital marketing is emerging as the new career opportunity, how can women excel in this field?

Actually in blogging industry women population is more, because there are known for their creativity thinking and good writing skills when compare to men.

And more over today fashion blogging has become a new trend, along with cookery blogs. Where every woman can start a blog through Instagam. But the only problem is that they are stopping at blogging state. They are failing in converting the brand into business, and now it’s important for them to discover how to fill that gap.

Blogging income is not stable all the time, today you may have brands, but tomorrow you may not, because it all depends upon how you make the branding of your blog.

In fact, the risk factor is there in almost all sort of business, If you face the problems then only good solutions and creativity thinking comes out which plays a vital role in success.

How you plan your free time?

In fact, I don’t have free time, because am very much engaged with some or the other work, even I don’t have time to chat with my friends, all my updates  are known through my page.

What are your further plans?

Right now am working on creating more awareness for my brands. Like it should be a one stop platform for travel and food related issues.

What is you suggestion for upcoming entrepreneur in digital marketing field?

First thing is that blogging and digital marketing doesn’t look easy as it sounds, because a lot of creative background work need to take place, its not that you open a website and put some content into it. Its doesn’t work out like that.

The most important thing you need are loyal readers for your content. In order to catch those readers you need more skills, in fact it’s a very long term process.

If you start a blog for passion then its ok, but if its business model then you must plan a lot and must show dedication and patience for it, like for starting first year you should not expect of money.

First develop your base, increase you readership, create your own USP, develop SEO and marketing skills.

Tell us something about Panda Reviewz?

Well, its a open platform for everyone, in Panda Reviewz you get all information related to food and travel, and its away from filmy gossips and controversies. Like in food you can find unique recipes, and it offers complete tour guide for your traveling. Our goal is to cover whole world, but right now we are focused on Asia and US.

Your message on women's day?

Firstly thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my message to youth and women. Today my main message for them is that you should take risks in life and overcome fear, you should be confident, love yourself and follow your passion.

Don’t listen to the society just listen to yourself. No one can tell you what to wear, and no one can tell you how to walk and no one can tell you what to do in your life.

It’s you who should do it for yourself, you are the one who should follow your passion. Don’t get into the pressure and normal societies perception. Just follow your dreams and you will achieve great success in life. Once you reach your passion then money will automatically follow you.

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