Master The Art Of Doing Nothing
Master The Art Of Doing Nothing

Imaging measuring a days accomplishments not by your to do list ticks, but by the number of times you stopped to take time out and watch the sunset...

In our fast paced and highly connected society, introspection and reflection have become lost arts, despite mindfulness being the buzzword of last year. Did you know that being idle and allowing the mind to wander can actually increase happiness and creativity, boost decision making skills reduce stress and help us live longer? Total balance coach and mindfulness teacher kate James says doing things that are not outcome driven allows the brain time for self reflection. 

It gives us headspace to work through problems, find perspective and make better choices which can reduce stress levels. Having self compassion and exercising non judgement in situations also helps us figure out what we need more of whether that’s in our health, Carter or relationships.

Be it the bath or bar, beachwalk or yoga, the most important thing you can do to recharge the batteries is allow the brain a little down time.
We often value doing More than being however, it’s just as important to turn off the TV, have a nap or spend time in the nature. You need to look at what restores you and harness that. To help and cultivate the sweetness of doing nothing, or dolce for niente as the Italians call it . 


Do you spend your weeknights in front of the box or Netflix? It may be time to turn it off at least for. A bit. A 2011 study found that watching too much TV was a detrimental to longevity as smoking and lack of exercise. The study found that people who watched an average of six hours of TV A DAY lived an average of 4,8 years fewer than those who didn’t watch any television.


Looking for an excuse to use that bath bomb? Sports and exercise medicine found out that a soak in hot water for an hour long produces similar anti inflammatory and blood sugar responses as 60 minutes of moderate physical activity. 


a great source of vitamin D, sunshine can also protect you against obesity, heart attacks, strokes. Asthma, and multiple sclerosis. It’s even been shown to boost libido and mood. Remember though, it’s important to cover up! 


Log off Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Instagram and email now! A 2012 study by the UK university of Salford found that more than 59 percent of social media users evaluate their participation in social networking as having a negative effect on their lives.