Careful deliberation when backpacking will ensure that you breeze through your trip. Our checklist of backpacking essentials makes sure that you don't forget anything important.

Travel Wi-Fi

A portable travel Wi-Fi will keep you connected even when the last signal bar in your smartphone struggles to stay alive.

UV water bottle

You might not always have access to clean water. UV water bottles treat unfiltered water and make it fit for drinking.

First Aid Kit

You may sustain injuries on your trip. You may not always have access to medical care. 

So, keep the essentials- plasters, gauze, surgical tape, antiseptic wipes, pain relief medication, and anti-bacterial creams.

Sun lotion

Sun lotion will prevent your skin from tanning and also save you from those painful burns. Sun lotion is especially important during long hikes.

Solar Power Bank

For all those times when you when you stay away from civilization and in the lap of mother nature, a solar charged power bank will be the only source to juice your phone.


A camera is a no-brainer to document your trip. Smaller cameras will keep your load light and make it easier to carry around. 

Packing cubes

Keep your things organised with packing cubes. If you have a backpack with no compartments and do not want your things to get mixed up, do not forget to pack these wonder things.

Nail clippers

You can easily forget the existence of nail clippers until two weeks into your trip when your nails grow so long that you'll find it difficult to walk.


A pair of sunglasses will shield you from the blinding rays of the sun. As an added bonus, you'll always look better with a pair of shades on!


Never forget to pack a pair of headphones. They are the only things that'll stop you from getting bored on that 7-hour long bus trip (which might have crying babies on-board).

Multi Tool

A small multi-tool has everything you'll ever want and need- a screwdriver, scissors, bottle opener, a small knife, nail file, and so much more. 

There are 101 things that you can do with them, so do not forget to pack this blessing of a gadget.

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