Time Management Tips to Reduce Stress

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 10,2018 , 06:02 PM IST

TIME is an indispensable element in our lives. Everything is based on time. In fact, the world runs on time! Managing time is essential, so what we can organise our work accordingly. Stress levels are also tackled to an extent when there is proper time management and your work goes as planned. We bring you certain tips to manage your time and reduce stress.

Finish the meeting 
If you had a meeting and it took more time to wind up the meeting than you expected, it can be a reason to increase your stress. If any work was  suggested during the meeting, try to finish it off immediately rather than keeping it for later. 

Tackle obstructions strategically 
If you are invited for the birthday celebrations of your colleague, politely deny it if the work seems to be important and you have to finish it off as per the deadline. Be sure to find some time to wish that colleague with a gift or hangout with your colleagues later.

Be clear with your priorities 
Just have a clear picture about which work should be given priority. Arrange and plan your work accordingly so that your stress levels remain low and the work is done on time.

Stay organised
If some urgent work comes in or if you fall sick, things may not turn out as planned. Hence, organise your work well in advance.

. Failing  to maintain a to- do list 
. Not setting personal goals 
. Not prioritising one work over the other 
. Failing to manage distractions 
. Procrastination 
. Taking up excess work and struggling to finish it 
. Multitasking 
. Not taking sufficient breaks
. Ineffectively scheduling tasks 
. Poor punctuality 
. Rushing to finish off the work without giving much attention to the same 
. Impatience 
. Poorly defined goals 
. Poor performance in your career 
. Lack of energy
. Giving more attention to perfectionism 
. Indecisiveness
. Doing everything yourself 

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