Does the MAN’s Size really matter in SEX?

Does the MAN’s Size really matter in SEX?

Its what you doodledoo with it, right Heres what happens when his penis is too much or too little to handle

It’s what you doodledoo with it, right? Here’s what happens when his penis is too much or too little to handle...

If the many factors that affect your compatibility with a man, one of the biggest( or smallest) is his pants. As with humour, interests or habits the wrong fit can leave you cold it traumatised. Dr Debby Herbenick, author of sex made easy, found an almost nine inch difference in erectile size: from 1.6 inches to 10.2 and since absolutely nothing outside the package tells, you have to test compatibility the hard way. Sometimes you hit your jackpot, sometimes it’s just fine, and sometimes he’s the guy on either end of that erection spectrum these writers have been there, so here’s what they learned and how you can deal( without the gasp reflex)

Oh wow he’s big what now?
The best position:- women on top: it gives you the most control over depth and pace of penetration.

Don’t forget, lubricant, have lots at hand or try pressing a small vibrator against your clitoris to stimulate yourself.

Oh wow, he’s small what now ?
The best position:- missionary or sex from behind. Both are good for deep penetration. Ditch lubricant, you want friction

Don’t forget : oral sex: more women orgasm consistently through this than intercourse through this than the main play. Or insert a vibrator during sex to add size and depth to his dimensions.

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