Time To Ditch Tampons - Mooncups Hits The Main Stream!
Time To Ditch Tampons - Mooncups Hits The Main Stream!

Going with the flow..

The original Tampon and pad alternatives the MoonCup Menstrual Cup us going Mainstream all over the world.

The Menstrual cup is now available to buy online and the makers hope that by stocking it on the fashion e- tailer, the fashion conscious consumer, Will become more earth -conscious.

One of those brands you’ve probably already heard of it spotted on your social feed, Moon cup- a soft, medical grade silicone menstrual cup is an eco friendly alternative to Tampons and Towels, states the Website. 

Made to last for years, it’s a super easy way to help cut down on waste caused by disposable sanitary products and offers up to eight hours of protection too.

Everyone is curious right? Here’s everything you need to know about the mooncup.

What is mooncup/ menstrual cup? 

Menstrual cup are an alternative to sanitary product that are made of non porous silicone, meaning you can reuse the same cup safely and hygienically for years, which also makes it much cheaper than tampons and pads.

What size moon cup should you use? 

First things first, the sizing is confusing. There’s two sizes A and B, but rather counterintuitively, A is the bigger size, designed for women who have experienced childbirth and B is for women who haven’t and is significantly smaller.

How to use it? 

Inserting is a little tricky at best and messy at worst. To use the cup, you fold it in half length ways and then fold it again, so as to make it as narrow as possible. Then, for want it a better word, you just kind of shove it up. Finally there’s a little toggle at the base that, once your cup is in place, you tug on ever so gently to create a leak proof function.

How do you take out a menstrual cup? 

The other this is the process of emptying is it. Which is quite a bit messy.

If you’re squeamish, menstrual cups may not be for you.

To empty the cup, you just pull it out by the little toggle, tip the contents out into the toilet and then clean your cup in the sink- simple enough if you’re at home in your bathroom but oh so slightly less convenient if you’re in the cubicles at work.

How long does a menstrual cup last? 

Due to the Nature of silicone and the fact that a menstrual cup is designed to collect blood, rather than absorb it, each one can be reused for up to ten years.

Other benefits of Menstrual cup:

One can swim with a cup inserted 

Maximum no leaks compared to Tampons and sanitary pads.

Technically you can use them with the IUD or contraceptive coil. 

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