Pet lovers watch out! Ur pet can pose a Dangerous Risk to your Health

Pet lovers watch out! Ur pet can pose a Dangerous Risk to your Health

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Nov 13,2018 , 01:55 PM IST

Pet lovers watch out! Ur pet can pose a Dangerous Risk to your Health
There is no doubt that humans love animals...Most of the households include at least one pet.But while most of us are aware of the numerous benefits of pets ownership,are you aware of pets risk to human health?

Pets often comfort and companionship, and we can’t help but love them. In fact when it comes to dogs. While pets can benefit our health in a number of ways, they also have the potential to spread infection and cause human illness.

Ring worm :- Is actually not a worm but a fungus.

Dogs and cats are among the animals most often affected. The fungus may cause small areas of hair loss in your pet. But it can cause red,itchy spots with a scaly ring around them on your scalp,feet, groin and other parts of your body.

Ringworm is literally in a hair shaft so if the animal run against your skin you can get little bumps or rings. This can be treated with common anti-fungal medicine.

Worms :-The main types of worms that people worry about are round worms and hook worms. They can be transmitted when you come in contact with pet feces and touch your eyes or mouth, or when you walk barefoot on soil that’s been contaminated by your pets poop. In humans round worms and hook worms can cause symptoms like coughing, abdominal pain, or an itchy rash. 

Always wash your hands after handling animals, gardening or coming in contact with soil and make sure you pick up poop and put it in true trash. And never pick up the poop with your bare hands. 

Washing your hands frequently in general is one of the best ways to share off the spread of all sorts of diseases. 

Rabies :- Is very rare, but when it happens it’s devastating. Around the world, more than 59,000 people die each year after being infected with the viral, usually from the virus. 

Rabies symptoms vary in pets, but often include behavioural changes and paralysis.

If you get bitten by a rabid animal, there is a treatment. You got a secure of vaccines yourself.

Instead of being preventive, it mounts a quicker response, and it almost always works. Symptoms in humans include headache, fever and weakness.

Parrot fever:- Yes there is such a thing. The official name of this bacterial disease is PSITTA COSIS and it can be passed on by species of the chlamydia bacteria, but this one is not related to sexually transmitted infection in people.

Humans can contract the disease by inhaling spores from the dander of an infected bird or from bind droppings. Symptoms are really bad pneumonia. Birds may have symptoms like diarrhoea or poor appetite.

Tick Borne disease :- Lyme may be the most famous one.

Pets can’t spread this diseases to humans themselves, but they can bring tricks into the house and increase your risk.

The best way to prevent it is to protect the animal

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