NOW being Strong is the New Sexy

NOW being Strong is the New Sexy

Dont be scared of the weight room lifting is your to lean muscles and steel bones Move past the fear and start pumping ironThe fact of lifting weights doesnt bulk you up Working with higher poundage improves muscle definition, which makes you look toned, not beefy And lean muscle is more metabolically active than fat which means youll torch more calories, even at rest


Don’t be scared of the weight room lifting is your to lean muscles and steel bones. Move past the fear and start pumping iron.

The fact of lifting weights doesn’t bulk you up. Working with higher poundage improves muscle definition, which makes you look toned, not beefy. And lean muscle is more metabolically active than fat which means you’ll torch more calories, even at rest.

So get fired up about heavy lifting by following these tips to weight room confidence.

Find a supportive environment. Call gym managers to get stats on female enrolment and trainers, and ask about the vibe, recommends a body positive activists.

Then check it out for yourself: is the place all about looking hot in the latest athleisure? Or hardcore sweating and shedding pounds? Or community and making friends? If you like it go for it.

Show up with a plan, recommends personal trainer and USA weight lifting coach. Something like, I’ll bang out three sets of walking lunges with dumbbells, and three sets of squats with a barbell, instead of I’ll lift weights. Having a strategy forces your brain to focus on the specific task you’ve given it. That in turn, quiets those voices of fear and intimidation.

Many gyms offer a free personal training session. Take advantage of it. Your trainer can be great ally, showing you the equipment and suggesting moves that will help you meet your goals.

Still intimidated by all the six packs and weight lifting gloves? Recruit your bestie to work out with you. Everything’s less scary with a friend by your side.

How to get dressed to your workplace 9 things you should never ever wear to your workplace.

All of us spend our whole day working in the office. It has become a second home for many of us. Due to this we sometimes confuse the workplace with our home. Just don’t do this! You need to maintain a gap between your office and your home. To manage your personal and professional life you must keep in mind few things that you should not wear to your work place.

Don’t wear revealing clothes
Wearing revealing clothes to office is not going to work, girls. We need to be little more professional. From taking care of our environment to what the boss thinks all of this needs to be take care of while dressing up for your workplace. Showing off your cleavage or exposing your legs won’t work here. Avoid exposing clothes and switch more to formals. Sleeveless tops, mini skirts, tube tops, shorts try avoiding these kinds of exposing clothes, as they are simply not your office attire’s.

Avoid the crease
Another thing that needs to be taken care of is the crease. Your attire should be ironed well. You don’t want to look untidy, neither your boss wants that. You just need to look good as well as professional, thus your clothes should nicely ironed. You should avoid clothes if rayon, linen fabrics which get creases easily.

Don’t wear too much perfume
Everyone loves to smell good, and so fragrance plays a very vital role in our professional life. Make sure your perfume is not so loud. After all, you don’t want to get noticed before entering the workplace. Additionally, there are many people who use perfumes, taking care of them, you should surely go with a light and good perfume.

Dress appropriately
Going to office is a big task itself and dressing up for it is another. Surely, we cannot wear anything and go to office. We need to dress appropriately for office. Clothes that are simple and professional should be ok your top list. Avoid shimmery and glossy clothes. Don’t try to be an attention seeker try to look more simple and subtle.

Say a big no to flip flops
Yes, you can be little casual but not so much that you just forget about your workplace . Flip flop is a big NO! you can sometimes wear loafers or flats but don’t make flip flops a part of your attire. That’s way too unprofessional. It’s not going to work there.

Access your work environment
If you are also one of them who cannot go with the office norms, then choose an office of your type. Yes, there are many workplaces who are allowed to be who you are. So you can choose your type of working environment and wear whatever you want m, whether it is exposing, shimmery m, casual, glossy or anything. For this, you just need to go through the working environment before you join.

Don’t be too casual
You can simply not wear your tees and pyjamas to your office. Even if your work environment allows you to be little casual, make sure you don’t cross the line. Avoiding t shirts with offensive prints.

Avoid too much make up
All of us love wearing make up and why not? But your workplace is not the right place for it. You can wear make up, but it should be light. You don’t need to be flashy in the office. Applying over make up can get you a wrong impression about you.

Dress up according to everyone
Wherever you go, be it your office or any other place, people won’t spare you. This is a sad reality that we need to think about everything what people will say, what will they think, etc. So, this is one important thing you should keep in mind and dress up for your office. Because we simply cannot afford to give people a chance to point at our office attire.

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