Celebrate your love for chai with a Hope- International Tea Day 2018
Celebrate your love for chai with a Hope- International Tea Day 2018

 International Tea Day / Chai Day marked on December 15 every year. Is there anything that will make the snowy winter season into a warmer climate other than a cup of tea? Nothing can beat in front of the tea, and no other beverage can make you feel the warmth. Tea is the most popular drink  from all over the world and is usually served piping hot. With a kettle in hand and sipping it in a glass it would never be compensated by any other drink.

International Tea Day is observed as to draw attention of government and public about the problems besetting the tea production and how tea plantations, small tea growers and consumers are being affected by the global tea traders. Hence, it is not yet another day to excuse yourself to have a cup ur tea rather it is a day to think about the problems faced by the tea plantation and the impacts of the global tea trade.

Let’s get Into the History is Tea

Tea was originally found in China, Tea was discovered when Tea leaves accidentally fell into to the boiling water of China’s second emperor Shen Nung in 2737 BC 

The emperor drank from his water and he was surprised by its taste and healing abilities. He later found that tea can be used as an antidote. The emperor started to perform experiments on tea. 

In 1824, the first Tea plant was brought to Ceylon and planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya. 

The pioneer of Ceylon Tea Industry James Taylor planted the first 19 acres of Tea in Loole Condra Estate near to the Kandy.

Tea sector plays most vital role in Sri Lanka 

Types of Tea 

White tea, Colong Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Pu-erh Tea.

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