Women Orgasm in their sleep and science says it's really healthy to get one
Women Orgasm in their sleep and science says it's really healthy to get one

Women tend to fall asleep soon and then they begin to have a Sex dream that feels unusually real. The dream progresses, and suddenly, and the lady feels a rush of pleasure throughout her body. and then she wakes up, and starts to think if she orgasmed in her sleep! DID I ORGASM IN MY SLEEP? and is that even possible to get one?

Yes, Yes, and Yes Sleep orgasms are completely real. There's an actual physical orgasm. Most people when they wake up, will remember having an erotic dream. yet while men will have physical evidence of an orgasm. whereas male orgasms are known as wet dreams, women will only have the memory.

Which is why, for women, sleep orgasms can confusing. There's no proof they happen, so many women wonder: Was it just a dream, or did my body really climax? Though our bodies being in a paralyzed stateduring rapid eye movement sleep- when sleep orgasms are most likely to occur- the brain is technically
still on and can feel an orgasm.

What happens to a womens body during the sleep orgasm

Resarchers measured the physiological changes that occoured when a women orgasmed in her sleep,and they found that her rate sped up from 50 to 100 beats per minute and her breathing from 12 to 22 breaths per minute and the women experiences a very marked increase in Vaginal blood flow.

There was a brain mapping activity done to measure the orgasms during sleep. When we orgasms, Our brains light up. All the major brain systems become activated during orgasm,like a storm in the brain.This is why men and women report having out of body experiences or entering into altered states of conciousness during orgasm- at no other time is the brain activated all at once like it is during sexual climax.

This makes sense when we're in the throes of sexual passion, but what triggers this neurological storm when we're fast asleep- and no one is actually touching us?

During REM sleep you have increased blood flow to your erectile tissue- for women it's in the whole clitorial complex your brain recognizes that you have more blood flow in those tissues, and it can lead to sexual arousal. For women it's much easier to reach orgasm in dream than in real life.

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