Raise young boys in a progressive way to Make them turn out to be wise and Fine Men

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 21,2019 , 07:50 PM IST

Raise young boys in a progressive way to Make them turn out to be wise and Fine Men
In this Modern generation one cannot predict anything or rely on anything as things change quickly. 21st Generation people are way more conscious about social attitudes and are looking at progres. A Part of progress is that people have definitely gotten more knowledgeable about gender and how we raise our children should be reflective of that. We often have ideas about how raise strong, independent girls.. But have you ever thought about how to raise a boy? Coz it is very important to raise a young boy in a more progressive way to make sure that they become fine men who belive in equality.

Here are few things you need tp tell young boys when they're growing up to make sure that they turn out to be fine men:

1) EMOTIONS ARE UNISEXUAL :  It is absolutely alright to cry it means that you're in touch with your own emotions. The more you understand your emotions, the more you're sensitve to the emotions of others.

2) EVERY MAN IS RESPONSIBLE TO SHARE HOUSE HOLD CHORES EQUALLY: Doing household chores makes you a responsible independent human being. It is'nt something that's just a woman's duty. It's what all responsible adults do.

3) NEVER DEGRADE A GIRL BY USING PHRASES "LIKE A GIRL"- Don't use phrases such as 'like a girl ' to demean people Girls are just as capable as you are and to use a gender to demean someone show how narrow-minded you are.

4) If your friends are saying sexiest things, be the one to stop them. Not taking part in such conversations dosen't make you uncool but a mature individual.

5) Don't feel the need to pay for the girls in your life. That's not a responsibility you need to carry on your shoulders when you're with an independent girl.

6) A boy has to learn to respect all the girls in his life just the the are. They might me wearing any type of dress a skirt or a saree. They might like staying in or staying out till late night. Respect their decision instead of judging them.

7) your gender has nothing to do with the colour you wear or with the length of your hair. you like pink you can wear it. you can have long hair if you want to. Nothing to do with Masculine or Feminine.

8) Every man should know their physical boundaries. If someone dosen't like your topuch, back off instead of forcing yourself on them. A real man knows how to respect other people's boundaries.

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