Flavours of Indian Cuisine Murg Bemisal - The delicious chicken Recipie in authentic style

Flavours of Indian Cuisine Murg Bemisal - The delicious chicken Recipie in authentic style

The name for this authenitic style chicken had after the release of the movie Bemisal in 1982 produced by Dedesh Gosh and Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. The film star casted Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Mehra, and Rakhee. And R.D Burman 's music was a super hit.

This is a delicious chicken recipie full of aromatic flavours.Flattened chicken breast stuffed with cheese and minced chicken, cooked in tandoor with indian spices and herbs A special recipe from the kitchem of Indian Bistro as part of their clay pot Festival, where the meal is slow cooked and served in a clay pot. A healthier and cleaner method to cook food.

Recipe servings               2
prep time                     15 mins
cook time                     30 mins
Total time                    45 mins

Ingredients of Murg Bemisal

160 Gram Chicken breast
15 Gram cheese
2 Gram Ginger
Salt to taste 
2 Gram whole jeeracleann
5 Gram Garlic
100 Gram onion
60 Gram Tomato paste
15 Gram Desi ghee
15 Gram Cashew paste
2 Gram Turmeric powder
2 Gram Red Chilli Powder
2 Gram Yellow Chilli Powder
2 Gram Jeera powder
1 Gram Kasoori methi
2 Gram Garam Masala
10 Ml Cooking Oil

Making of Murg Bemisal 

Clean the chicken breast and flatten it with a hammer. stuff it wth cheese and mince it and slowly roll it with a roll pin. Now marinate the chicken breast with curd and Indian spices. Grill in the tandoor. Take a pan, add oil, whole jeera, garlic and saute for 2 minutes. Add the chopped onions, haldi powder, tomato paste, cashew paste. cook till it starts to lose the oil from its sides.

Add the Indian spices, desi ghee( clarified butter), butter and cream

In a clay pot place the tandoor cooked chicken roll and top it with the gravy. Garnish it with grated cheese and cilantro.


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