How to deal with A extra Annoying Co-Worker At workplace

How to deal with A extra Annoying Co-Worker At workplace

Every person has to face annoying colleagues at workplace But how would you deal with them At some point in your career, youll undoubtedly cross paths with colleagues that irk you Maybe its the presumption that their opinions are the only correct ones on the planet or their blatant brownnosing to get on the boss good side

Every person has to face annoying colleagues at workplace. But how would you deal with them? At some point in your career, you'll undoubtedly cross paths with colleagues that irk you Maybe it's the presumption that their opinions are the only correct ones on the planet or their blatant brown-nosing to get on the boss good side.

Perhaps you can't stand how their arrogance, moodiness or quick temper puts a damper on the company culture.

Handling co-workers with different mindset is really really difficult as they can high-jack your emotions. They trigger something in you that causes you to get into depression and make you act irrationally, Which is not exactly a healthy situation in which you can succeed. You may find that sooner or later your exasperation expands until every little thing that person does makes you want to tear your hair out.

Unfortunately, in the case of annoying co-workers, you can't simply remove them from your life. Avoiding them around the office or circumventing one-on-one meetings probably won't work either.

Fortunately, there's a way to put a positive spin on the situation that stems from a counter-intuitive insight about dealing with difficult people. When we discern a quality in someone else that irks us, we can benefit from pausing to examine why we have that reaction and look more closely at what it can teach us about ourselves.

By interacting with an annoying co-worker actually helps us present a chance to cultivate essential leadership skills like assertiveness, self awareness, and confidence. It can provide an unexpected opprtunity for personal growth that goes beyond solely testing the limits of your partience.

Lets take this three simple step approach to deal with difficult people at office

1.Who irks you? First identify the person

Admist a daily pattern of low grade irritation at a co-worker's annoying habits and idiosyncrasises, you may not notice exactly how much he or she aggravates you on a deeper, personal level. Think about the co-worker you vent about most often to your friends or family, the one you have interactions with that derail your day or the co-worker you would never want to be stuck in a crowded elevator with. Take the time to specifically ID him or her internally

2. Let's figure out exactly why this person provokes such resentment.

Start by getting specific about your feelings towards this person. Rather than making overblown, blanket statements like " she's the most annoying person on earth" identify the emotions provoked. Irritation? Insignificance? Dissapointment? This list can help you find the right words to describe your feelings. Simply labeling the emotions has a soothing cognitive effect that allows you to embrace a solution focused mindset. Similarly, identify the exact behaviors your co-worker does that frustrate you. Move from I can't stand being around him to i think it's really disrespectful when she talks over people in meetings. Zeroing in on what triggers you is the first step to creating road map to conquer all the problems.

3. Why not see your reaction to that person as a form of feedback.

Let us learn to see the other person as a mirror. Question what your reaction to that person can teach you about yourself. For instance, consider what this person is modeling for you in a how not to be way. Does juxtaposing your co-worker's chronic forgetfulness with your penchant for organization and systems show you that these are strengths you want to leverage more, spurring a career pivot? It's also possible a co-worker's behaviour may trigger fears of insecurities you want to work on.

If a colleague annoys you because he's always stealing the spotlight, consider if it's touching a concern you have about coming off as cocky if you did the same. Now flip the script: Instead of simmering in upset, question if learning to do a better job of trumpeting your achievements is something you want to work on. Then make it a priority to do so.

The strategy of looking in the mirror as it is the main quality referred in leadership development, may seem simple but it's not always easy. In fact, it may bring to light ways in which you're no longer willing to be mistreated such as being yelled at or criticized. revealing how you may need to create stronger personal boundaries in relationships, including those with co-workers or your boss. For others , it may touch on vulnerabilities like feeling like a fraud in your job or approval seeking at the office. These tricky emotions take bravery and courage to face. Most people spend a lot of time ignoring these challenges, missing out on the ways looking in the mirror can pave the path to lasting personal growth.

Never sit and feel that you are driven up the wall by someone and then just stewing in that vexation, tune into how that action or trait of theirs is calling you to learn a lesson about yourself. simply trying to be more tolerant of that person isn't a long term fix. Leveraging the displeasure they cause you in order to practice self-awareness and become a better leader in the process, however, is.

Few more steps you can add like by being

Be Direct- Try to be direct to your co-workers by letting them know that their behaviour or actions are interfering with your ability to do your job . This might help alleviate the situation.

Avoid gossips

Annoying co-workers always drain your energy, they leave you frustrated and they make you feel like a dark cloud is following around you. While it might be tempting to gossip about your obnoxious co-worker with other colleagues, gossip inevitably comes back to bite you in the long run. And gossiping changes the tides and turn you into the annoying co worker in the eyes of your colleagues. Always confront the annoying co-worker directly to discuss the concerns.

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