Rahul Gandhi says TRS and BJP have a tacit understanding. Do you agree?

Rahul Gandhi says TRS and BJP have a tacit understanding. Do you agree?

It is common for the contesting parties to mudsling others during the election time While they fight with other parties all the time, they unite...

It is common for the contesting parties to mudsling others during the election time. While they fight with other parties all the time, they unite during the mega festival of democracy that comes once in five years only to clinch the power in the most possible way. The accusations, allegations and bitter criticism dies down during the election time only to resurface once the polls are over. What needs to be understood is political parties are political at the end of the day and they criticise or praise other parties only for their vested interests and to draw political mileage. The Hans India readers share their views on one of Rahul Gandhi’s statements which he made during a campaign meeting in the State recently.

I totally go with Rahul Gandhi’s statement as the past instances of the TRS indicate it. The pink party has supported the BJP in note ban, implementation of Goods and Services Tax, Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections and most of the Bills introduced in Rajya Sabha. In turn, the BJP reciprocated the same by giving nod for early elections in the State. Definitely there is a tacit understanding between the two ruling parties. - Guggilla Srinivas, - self-employed, Karimnagar

I do agree with Raghu Gandhi’s statement because the TRS has extended it support to BJP decision on demonetisation, implementation of Goods and Services Tax etc. Further, the saffron party needs the Telangana Parliamentary seats for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Definitely, TRS is an ally of BJP. - P Srinu, Kothaguem

Meaning of politics has been changing from election to election. Political parties have been giving up their ideologies and ethics and playing musical chairs of power. As per my knowledge, no party is bothered about people and their hardships. So, it does not matter who sails with whom as at the end of the day their personal interests come before the people. - D Priyanka, student, Kodad, Suryapet

It became a common practice for all political parties to criticise other parties during normal times and unite in groups at the time of election only with an eye on power. No party, including Congress, TDP, TRS, BJP is exceptional in changing their attitudes and ideologies to come to power. I request youth to take up politics as a career to create a better society for future generations. - T Jyoshna, student, Nalgonda

It has been common for the sparring parties to form alliances during elections. However, once they come to power they go back on their promises which they have made to people and come back after five years only to cheat people with some new methods and some new alliances. So, I request all political parties to give assurances which are possible and do not try to take people for a ride after coming to power. - S Srilekha, student, Warangal

Yes, I partially agree with Congress chief’s statement. The BJP with a mission of Congress-Mukt Bharat is leaving no stone unturned to dethrone the Congress government in their ruling States. Till now, the saffron party has strength in 19 States. By making the TRS an ally, the BJP plans to put the 17 parliament seats of Telangana in its kitty to complete its mission of 350 MP seats. Further, for both, the TRS and the BJP, the Congress is their prime political rival. By following the strategy that enemy’s enemy is a friend, both the TRS and the BJP made a tacit coalition to get benefited mutually. However, people clearly who is with whom and made their minds in whose favour they have to press the button on December 7. - J Nikhil Raj Yadav, software employee, DD Colony

I do not agree with Rahul Gandhi’s statement that the TRS and the BJP have a tacit understanding. Because if they have, then why would they criticise each other. K Chandrashekar Rao wanted to float Federal Front only to checkmate the BJP and the Congress. He also met the national leaders of various parties for forming an alliance to fight those two political parties. - PS Rajesh, Kothagudem

Yes, I agree with Rahul Gandhi’s statement that TRS and BJP have a tacit understanding. Because, KCR has toured different States and met the opposition leaders to form the Federal Front earlier. But when he decided to go for early polls, he approached Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The secret understanding between the two parties was confirmed when the Centre gave consent to the new zonal system, which was pending for several years, formulated by KCR in the State. The TRS chief wants Assembly seats, while Modi wants that of Parliament. In the Parliament, Modi even praised KCR calling him a matured leader than Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. All these indicate that the two parties have tacit understanding. - B Vamshi Kiran, student, Nallakunta

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