India needs young and dynamic leaders

India needs young and dynamic leaders

No need to have any other proof than the results of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh to exude that the great grand old Congress Party is...

No need to have any other proof than the results of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh to exude that the great grand old Congress Party is getting revived under the tutelage of Rahul Gandhi, who is said to be the next Prime Minister of ‘Young India’, for which the Parliament elections would be held sometime in April or May 2019. And, it is a clarion call for the BJP, that it should be cautious and conscious towards the Congress Party and its charioteer Rahul Gandhi; the consortium of regional parties and the grand alliances, which are likely to be formed.

For instance, the leaders of BJP commented Rahul as ‘pappu’ and an ‘unmatured’ politician and unfit in politics. If he were not the efficient leader, he would not have revived his party in the so called Hindi speaking states, where the elections were just concluded, and this apart, he had also strived hard to bring the Congress back to power in the Karnataka elections held in the recent past. With the results of 2018 elections held in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, Rahul Ji has proved himself as not only a charismatic leader but also a matured politician like any other political leaders who had directed the nation towards the right path, even in a difficult situation. It is sure that the consortium of regional parties or the grand alliance at the central level may be going to wipe out the BJP from the Indian national politics.

India hence needs the governance of secular parties like the Congress, as the Indian social structure is the composition of various castes, regions, religions and beliefs. People should support the secular parties for ever to protect the rights of egalitarian society. Or else, other than the secular political parties, whoever comes to power in the nation will prefer to do divisive politics in the name of shrines, religions and regions. Thus, people must demonstrate their solidarity towards the leadership of young and dynamic leaders who are working for the welfare of nation by arising above the castes, regions and religious boundaries.

All these young and dynamic leaders, who are obviously seemed to be the future of fair politics, are also expected to play very significant roles in the Indian political spectrum in the days ahead. They should arise above the bigotry politics to establish an egalitarian society wherein people would live with equal just, without any partisans and discriminations. Thus, India is in need of unbiased leadership.

Dr Venkat Avula, Hyderabad

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