BJP’s dirty politics in Karnataka

BJP’s dirty politics in Karnataka

Is sad to notice that the ruling BJP has been indulging in horsetrading of MLAs in Karnataka However, its efforts to topple the JDSCongress government will remain a wild goose chase and the coalition government in Karnataka will, no doubt, complete its full term

Is sad to notice that the ruling BJP has been indulging in horse-trading of MLAs in Karnataka. However, its efforts to topple the JDS-Congress government will remain a wild goose chase and the coalition government in Karnataka will, no doubt, complete its full term.

By doing dirty politics, the BJP’s evil intentions have been exposed before the people of Karnataka and the country. Its dirty horse-trading games have been established in Karnataka. Everyone knows that nothing will happen to the Congress-JD(S) government. However, BJP Karnataka chief B S Yeddyurappa has said no member of his party was involved in any operation to topple the coalition government in the State.

Actually, it is a known fact the BJP leaders are offering crores and crores of rupees and everything is in the public domain now. Though the coalition government in Karnataka suffered the first major setback when two MLAs, an Independent and a member of the Karnataka Pragnyavantara Janata Paksha, withdrew support to the government, there is no immediate threat to the government.

- Girish Gowda, Bellary, Karnataka

No party can outwit Cong’s ‘dirty game’

The power tussle created in Karnataka is the result of ego clashes among the chained Chief Minister HD Kumara Swamy and the Congress’ strong trio Siddaramaiah, Shiva Kumar and Venugopal and the stage-managed crisis is diffused by themselves and attributing the reasons for instability is owing to the ‘Operation Lotus’ by the BJP. The entire time was spent by Kumara Swamy in keeping the ‘trio’ of the Congress cheerful, unable to hold the dissidence and open revolt threats by disgruntled elements within, in the virtual power struggle in keeping the coalition government remain in power.

Firstly, it is a poisonous strategy to keep out the BJP which got the mandate of the people of Karnataka. The Congress is carrying ill will against the BJP and joined hands with the arch rival party JDS offering Chief Minister’s post to Kumara Swamy. It’s a sordid post poll alliance made with an eye on holding power at the cost of people’s mandate. How long can Kumara Swamy withstand the continuous pressure from the Congress party? He cannot even sneeze without the permission of the Congress trio.

If not today, tomorrow the fragile coalition in Karnataka is sure to collapse of its own weight. Kumara Swamy, like a toddler, often sheds copious tears in public stating that he in unable to manage the coalition government but not ready to quit the post. He has no sense of shame and lost his self-respect long ago.

The same fate is awaited in Madhya Pradesh and the Congress there formed government with a razor edge majority. The disgruntled elements may sink the boat at the earliest possible opportunity. The Congress should not cry foul for the imminent collapse of the governments in near future as the party has perfectly mastered the art of pulling down many governments in their long-recorded history.

People still remember how the great dictator of the Congress Indira Gandhi and soft dictator Rajiv Gandhi being surrounded by bunch of flatterers. They were behind the well-hatched conspiracies that led to the collapse of many duly elected democratic governments at the Centre. In States, using the services of namesake Constitutional powers, Governors brought down countless duly elected governments if they did not fall in line with the Centre.

Our memory is still fresh how the NTR government, when he was away abroad for treatment, was brought down hatching a conspiracy by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in connivance with N Bhaskara Rao using services of ‘yes boss’ Governor Ram Lal and how spontaneous revolt from the people all over India forced the Congress to restore power to NTR. It is better for the Congress to safeguard its delicate governments in the States instead of blaming the BJP for its instability.

It all looks like ‘devil quoting the scriptures’. No other party including the BJP with its might at the Centre can outwit the Congress in the dirty game of dislodging democratically elected governments just by the drop of a hat.

- Rama Krishna M, Kakinada

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