Indian Vedic scholars in Chicago missing

Indian Vedic scholars in Chicago missing

Indian Vedic Scholars in Chicago Missing. The Indian students who left for the U.S for Vedic education were found missing since last one year. The...

  • 163 Indians missing from Chicago
  • No complaint filed ever since they are missing
  • Crossed barriers to roam around in the U.S.
  • No answer from the institute who took them to the U.S.

Indian Vedic Scholars in Chicago MissingThe Indian students who left for the U.S for Vedic education were found missing since last one year. The Chicago based weekly Hai India has brought out this sensational issue to lime light. According to the story published by this weekly, Global Country of World Peace (GCWP) belonging to Maharshi Mahesh Yogi is the most prominent organization of Mahasrshi Vedic City in Chicago. It has been running Maharshi University of Management for years.

Many students from across the world pass out from this university as Vedic Pandits. From India, the management of GCWP selects and takes the students to this university for Vedic studies.

According to this magazine story, almost thousand students from North India have been taken by the management of GCWP to Chicago for the sake of Vedic studies a year back. Most of these students were belonging to poor families from villages. These students varied in age from 5-18 years. These students were supposed to be given Vedic education for 10-15 years in case of children and for 2 years in case of the youth.

The entire procedure follows a legal agreement. As per this agreement, the individual is paid 50 dollars and his kin are paid 150 dollars per month. After finishing the Vedic education, depending on their own choice, the students could either work for the same organization or can wish to live and work independently.

Of those students who were brought in this way on an agreement from India, whereabouts of as many as 163 students haven’t been known for almost one year. The ibid magazine made it a mention that GCWP could not provide any details about these missing personnel. The magazine supposed that the missing students might have been absconding to fulfill their desire of making rounds in the U.S.

Even though these students have been not traceable for almost one year, no information was given to the Indian embassy in the U.S. In general, if a foreign national becomes untraceable, the nearby consulate of the respective country is supposed to be informed. If the passport of such a person is found, the same is to be deposited with the consulate.

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