Indian American making India Proud

Indian American making India Proud

In America over 22.3 lacs Indians live today. But this alone is not all that for us to be proud of. The thing, of course, to get to be so is that as...

In America over 22.3 lacs Indians live today. But this alone is not all that for us to be proud of. The thing, of course, to get to be so is that as high as 77% of this population possesses graduate degree! And therefore when based upon the prevalent scenario of literacy in the country last days a survey was conducted by a reputed organization, PU research centre, it was found that if any community which is most literate in America then it is none other than the one that of Indians residing there.

However, let alone the common degree holders, the list of such personalities who earned eminence in their respective fields and enhanced the glory of their Indian nativity is also fairly long. One side where there is well known recently appointed CEO of Google, Sunder Pichai; then there is Satya Nadal who is among the main functionaries in Microsoft.

And so is Neeraj Arora who, having left Google, joined whatsapp in 2011 and came into prominence due to his rare contribution in making it [whatsapp] so popular among its ever increasing users. Likewise one that gave his service years together in Stanford University is Proff. Kailath. He distinguished himself by his contribution in the field of Electrical engineering, and for which he was even conferred with prestigious highest National science award of America. Matter of fact is that hardly had there been the fields left where Indians would have not earned notability through their talents.

Subramanyam is one such scientist who produced a new variety of rice through his long research works. The highest award of the land to be given in the agriculture that he was bestowed with itself tell the tale of the importance of achievement Subramanyam made. Similarly we can remember VA Shiva Annadurai, who is considered to be the man behind developing modern e-mail technology. Based on his path breaking work he won ‘Westinghouse Science Talent Search Award’.

Who would be there that keeps the tab at the news world over and knows not Indra Krishnamurty Nui— the lady that born in Chennai and, after having received Management degree from IIM Calucutta, settled in America. Ascended to the highest Presidential post of soft drink producer PepsiCo in the year 2001, Indira Nui has been declared the most powerful business woman of the world in 2006 in the poll conducted by world renowned Fortune magazine. The story of Manjul Bhargava, Professor of mathematics in Princeton University, is ever more interesting. “Field medal” has the reputation of “Nobel prize” in the field of mathematics.

Manjul became first Indian to earn “Field medal”. He achieved this feat in the field of geometry. Manjul also has a good command of Sanskrit language, which he learned from his Professor Grandfather. Notably, his grandfather had a Sanskrit manuscript written by 628 B.C.’s Indian arithmetician, Brahamgupt. Manjul made a deep study of the manuscript, with the help of which he succeeded in explaining in simpler way the “Number theory law” given by 18th century’s German arithmetician Carl Friedrich Gauss.
Likewise, one that made breakthrough in cornea surgery through earning new information and gained acclamation in the medical world that name is Balmurali Ambati. He is well known eye surgeon in America. Then, on the other side, in 2008 when America witnessed one of its worst financial crisis that time upon whom the then President, George Bush, relied most to deal with the situation was none other than an native Indian , Neel Kashkari, an expert in finance.

He was made the chief of the Office of Financial Stability, an interim office created for the purpose. Few months later Government changed with Obama taking over as President. He too retained Neel Kashkari for this Post, and relieved him only when situation came under full control.
So also we can take the name of devotee of Lord Krishna, having participated in Iraq war and now first American Hindu ever elected to US House of Representatives, Tulsi Gabbard; councilor in Whitehouse, Priti Bansal; Director of National Institute of Standard, America, Arti Prabhakar; astraunouts , Kalpan Chawla and Sunita William [Pandaya];and Pulitzer prize winner, Jhumpa Lahri, a novelist.

By- Er.Rajesh Pathak
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