Urban Fitness today announced that it has started an engagement program with the Bengaluru Police in Functional Fitness to increase their energy levels and make daily work more comfortable. The 10-week program, initiated from Monday, is designed to increase the mobility and functionality in people’s lives. Urban Fitness initiated the first batch, consisting of 15 policemen, at the XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena in the North Division with the support of Addl.C.P Sri. Pratap Reddy, IPS and DCP North-East Vikas Kumar Vikas, IPS. A former athlete himself, DCP Vikas Kumar Vikas, IPS, said, “It's not just about the police. Fitness is important for everybody. They have to be available not just six days a week but all seven days. If they are fit, they will be mentally alert and relaxed - which is what is expected.”

In today’s world, getting fit and staying healthy is more important than ever before. Imagine a system where you can learn what, where and how to improve your fitness level. Trainees who enroll into the 10-week grassroots program, can bend, stand and lift easier than they did before. Urban Fitness calls this “functional fitness.” Bootcamp X started as a small hobby project by the company’s founder, Ravish Dhamija, as he wanted to make an impact in his local neighborhood, Ferns Meadows. The company is now in the process of certifying instructors to accommodate the increased demand using their Urban Fitness - UF Bootcamp X program. “Customers need to know that whoever is instructing them has gone through a rigorous certification process. Uncertified trainers train people incorrectly every day in Bengaluru, so we felt it necessary to establish this process” says Mr. Dhamija.
Urban Fitness Management anticipates that next year will see an explosive growth of Bootcamp X and they expect to cover most of Bengaluru by the end of 2016. The company is enthusiastically looking for the right instructors who can be certified to meet this demand. At the end of November, Urban Fitness will also reveal Bangalore’s Urban Fitness Index - a single score defining the city’s fitness created by measuring hundreds of residents. Urban Fitness hopes to raise awareness about Bangalore’s fitness and inspire the city's residents to strive for fitter lives. The result of this Urban Fitness Index will be made public at the annual Snowflakes Event at XLR8 Indoor Sports Arena on November 29,2015.