“Modi Shining” may go “India Shining” way….

“Modi Shining” may go “India Shining” way….

The forth coming parliament election in 2019 will be an election that is going to test and tell the maturity and political wisdom of the electorates...

The forth coming parliament election in 2019 will be an election that is going to test and tell the maturity and political wisdom of the electorates of India. Although it is widely perceived that the opposition parties have not gained any momentum or Modiji has not done any of the alleged mistakes of UPA 2, hence 2019 election is going to be a cakewalk for Modiji. Whether it is going to be cakewalk or custard walk is extremely difficult to predict.

Things don’t look bright for BJP although the scene is same for congress as well. The most important point is that people are angry with Modiji mainly because their life has not yet changed a bit despite the tall claim of corruption and scam free governance of Modiji. The interest rate slash has hit badly the small saving middle class along with spiraling inflation. The unorganized business class is under utter chaos after hurried implementation of GST. The business of most of the unorganized business class is limited to the states and hence the implications of GST has nil to insignificant impact to their business.

The brilliant possibility BJP may be toying with is that they can market ‘Modi shining’ concept. The 2019 election may not be an election that India had seen in the past but it may be an election not about who to elect but who to defeat and punish for not fulfilling all that promises made in 2014. It is going to be punishment vote where the election will not be about ideologies or agenda around development or sab ka sath sab ka vikas.

However beautiful the Taj Mahal may be and its world wonder status or how many numbers of international visitors say wah at Taj, if the man living near Taj does not have even a squire meal to eat, he will not be seeing the wonderment of Taj instead will be weeping for the basic needs such as roti, kapada and makkan. If the government propose to mesmerize such poverty stricken man with the descriptions of Taj, he may even go violent than worried.

People stood with Modiji for demonetization with the hope that he would bring black money and end corruption. But nothing of that sort has happened and instead the poor people have to give explanations to the authorities for their earning and saving. GST implementation was thought to revolutionize business in India and it was believed that instead of rain and flood, foreign investments are going to run through Indian streets but in reality people are searching their pocket to find their earning and saving where they have gone?

Modiji has not stopped his reform mission with any of the above.

To take India to the days of ‘Andher Nagari’ (अंधेर नगरी), the government has brought another big bang reform in our health care sector, especially in rural health care delivery system- bridge course for AYUSH vaidyas!!!!

The people who have studied several faith based practices prevalent during Stone Age are to be given back door entry to become MBBS doctor. The interesting argument is that AYUSH has drugs and cure for all most all diseases but still want allopathic drugs. Most of the AYUSH vaidyas exhibit generous gesture that their system has some limitations so to benefit the poor people they also have to be MBBS doctor as well. Such practice is named as integrated health care system. Already without such bridge course several AYUSH vaidyas are engaged in such noble practice called cross pathy which our Honorable Supreme Court has called as quackery and those who as quacks.

The question is will the urban people ever forgive such dangerous proposal of Modiji to harm our rural health care delivery system? If AYUSH is such wonderful medical system why the NSSO surveys have shown different face of AYUSH? Why the states that produce large number of AYUSH vaidyas fare so dismally in health care delivery system?

Imagine if cross pathy is legalized in private practice, what would be the consequence? Already the AYUSH vaidyas have been citing the provision of CCIM (which was slashed by Honorable Supreme Court several decades ago) to emergency situation to save the life of the poor patient, they are doing corss pathy.

Are the above initiatives part of development of India, sab ka sath sab ka vikas and vision for NEW INDIA?

Looks like Modi shining may go India shining way. Voters are angry and their anger may go against Modiji.

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