What for India has to witness in the name of freedom of speech, democracy……..????

What for India has to witness in the name of freedom of speech, democracy……..????

The way people insult and damage the reputation, its credibility and trust of the highest institutions in India in the name of democracy, freedom of...

The way people insult and damage the reputation, its credibility and trust of the highest institutions in India in the name of democracy, freedom of speech and pushed to such situation due to the inertness of the system etc., have started to make even the non believer of caste, religion, God and the so called ancient culture to invoke and propagate the values represented by Bhisma, Drona, Vidura, Kripacharya of Mahabharat to all those NEO INDIANS and NEO LIBERALS.

When Mahabharat war became imminent and also it was also certain that dharma (righteousness) was on the side of Pandavas, the scholarly people like Bhisma, Drona, Vidura and Kripacharya stood with Duryodhana because they admitted that they owe their life to Kurushetra although they may not approve of the views of Duryodhana. They took a high moral stand that they must protect the land and that is the fundamental duty of every Kshatriya.

The recent episode played by four senior judges of Supreme Court really misses the dharma and high moral values of Bhisma, Drona, Vidura and Kripacharya. In the court of Duryodhana, all these great men, especially Vidura had sufficiently resented the views of the then king of Kurushetra – Dridarastra and his son, Duryodhana.

The people of high eminence should have avoided drying the linen in public as the public at best might derive only entertainment from such acts and not going to offer any solution. Weakening the credibility of the institution cannot be called or described or praised or worshiped or glorified as democratic act or it is meant to strengthen and reform the institution.

The Mahabharat war was believed to have happened 5000 years ago.

The etiquette, statesmanship, self discipline and respecting the decorum taught to us by Mahabharat is enormous. The virtues of people should not be measured when the state is calm but when the state is passing through turmoil or turbulence how one behave and conduct alone will tell the true patriotic spirit of such person.

When people forget to have even the minimum anchorage on ‘Karma’ and instead focus more on ‘Kriya’ (self gratification and self serving the ego), for such people their acts and actions become more important than its consequences and damaging effects to the state at large.

It is so unfortunate that all most all political parties are interested in finishing their political opponent and not the real enemy. For them enemy of the state in less important if the enemy of the state also opposes their political opponent. By supporting such forces, are they not harming the nation, why should those who live to serve own self goal and existence bother.

Even Modiji is no exception in this regard. The proposal of the Government to baptize and transform all AYUSH vaidyas to MBBS doctor through a bridge course shows how sincere is the government in bringing health care reforms in India. It looks like the proposed bridge course may be an veiled attempt to repatriate the faith based, science less AYUSH with the help of scientifically proven allopathic medical science, that too, through back door.

Allopathic science is reforming, refining and redefining through intense research globally but the definition of our health care reform unfortunately centers on adulterating the science with unholy mix of faith, tradition, religion, superstition and occultism.

The Hindu religious connection of Indian traditional healing system may have been the stimuli for the government for such misadventure. Anyway the consequences due to making of such hybrid doctors are not going to affect the policy makers or law makers because most of them and or all of them are privileged to undergo free treatment in premier and most sophisticated medical institutions like AIIMS. It is the poor man in the village and that is all the villagers deserve for voting all these political parties since independence.

The most disgusting fact is that some people from most of the institutions of high repute also seems to have fallen victims in the hands of these politicians to execute the hidden agenda of the politicians however much ever such actions may be damaging the reputation of our country.

Let us reinvent our true statesmanship from Mahabharat and let us follow the ideals of Bhisma, Drona, Vidura and Kripacharya.

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