Puzzle of CPM to become a croton or creeper?

Puzzle of CPM to become a croton or creeper?

The victory of Prakash Karat lead front in CPM in sticking to a firm decision that the party should not have any electoral alliance with congress in...

The victory of Prakash Karat lead front in CPM in sticking to a firm decision that the party should not have any electoral alliance with congress in the name of saving secularism over the desire of Sitaram Yechuri to make the party as lap child of congress is indeed a good sign for democracy.

Communist party has lost its charm, relevance and identity the day it chooses to support congress in the name of saving secularism. Since then, people of India have identified congress as the main trader for saving secularism of this country and the communist party can at best play only second fiddle to congress and that is why communist party has decided to support the congress. Then what ideology or value system communist party represents and propagate?

Both these parties oppose each other when they are the main contenders in the states like Kerala and Tripura and become partners in rest of India where they are weak?

Who on earth would believe such self serving marriage to be called as an arrangement for saving India? People are not fools to believe all such stuffs and vote these parties thinking that they alone can save the country. Let them save own party first and then let them talk of saving the country.

If any regional party wants to grow, it is not opposing Modiji should be its path but distancing itself from congress is important. Congress has been selling the rotten idea of opposing Modiji as its chore ideology and philosophy and the best technology they have invented for achieving the above purpose is to follow the dynasty rule strictly and passionately. On the contrary, communist party is largely perceived as a party with strict discipline, merit centric and is against dynastic culture. Imagine when a party of such practice openly marries congress which at cellular level is different from communist party, how people of this country would accept such arrangement?

The stand taken by Mr. Karat was not only correct but also courageous. Yechuri would have chosen the soft line with congress may be because he wants more platforms to speak which congress may provide. Ever since communist party chose to support congress, has scripted its decline both at national level as well as in Kerala when Mr. Achutha Menon lead CPI government submitted itself to Indira Gandhi several decades ago. Today CPI is like goat’s tail in CPM front.

The difference of Modiji led government from the rest is quite obvious. Modiji has re-scripted the Indian politics by defining his government as government for development rather than BJP government whereas the UPA 1 and UPA 2 were obviously the government of dynasty, for dynasty and because of dynasty.

When the regional parties join hands with BJP, it would be seen hereafter only as an arrangement for development because Modiji is for developing India than BJP. So those who oppose Modiji ruthlessly must realize the possibility that they might be seen as those opposing development of the country.

Until Modiji became Prime Minister of India, all those who ruled India have kept the identity of the government as congress government or third front government etc. But for the first time Modiji has defined his government more as government for development and NEW INDIA.

Need of the hour is that all regional and marginal political parties in India must recognize the fact that which political party people of this country don’t want.

It is wise not to join with such party and instead they must fight independently even if they might loose the game but certainly can retain their identity and relevance.

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