Who saw man from monkey, BJP’s ‘Scientist’ Minister?

Who saw man from monkey, BJP’s ‘Scientist’ Minister?

The newly inducted ‘Scientist’ minister in the union cabinet under the title Minister of state for Human Resource and Development deserve appreciation...

The newly inducted ‘Scientist’ minister in the union cabinet under the title Minister of state for Human Resource and Development deserve appreciation not criticism for his question on who has seen the evolution of man from monkey and the theory of evolution which was proposed by Charles Darwin.

The theory of evolution is based on certain collaborative fossil evidences which are reasonably proven by absolute science like carbon dating etc. Otherwise the scientist minister is right that no one has seen the emergence of man from monkey.

Scientists in our county should be happy as the minister did not come up with some stories from Indian mythology to say that even before Darwin propose such theory our forefathers have stated it.

When we admit the fact that no one in legal terms had witnessed or were at the scene to testify in the court of law about the emergence of man from monkey, then anyone would raise the question about how our Honorable Prime Minister so authentically made a statement In Indian Science Congress that the lord Ganesha is evidence for the existence of plastic surgery in ancient India which received not just global flak but has defamed the scientific credence of our country. No Indian can ever confirm that they have seen Lord Ganesh, let alone to say other facts.

When the present government push some bio-moral recipes into medical science such as herbalism, metalism, mineralism and coprophagy (consumption of fecal and urine matter of various animals for therapy) as drug science, what is the proof and evidence for all such occult practices?

The role of Ministry of Human Resource and Development is very important and significant. A minister from such ministry making such irresponsible statement certainly would shame the country.

When the BJP accuses the congress party for editing our entire education with Nehru-ism what the present government is attempting to do is worst than that. It is attempting to perpetuate occultism & obscurantism; faith based healing practices, superstition, spiritual healing, mantra healing etc., as advanced medical sciences.

It can also happen sooner than later, in all central Government hospitals, the government may ask the oncologists to replace chemotherapy and radiotherapy with cow urine therapy for treating cancer patients because Hindu scriptures venerate cow as Gomatha, so its urine and fecal materials are drugs.

The world famous Dr Harshwardan Scientist Sir, another scientist minister was so kind to grant funds to scientists to prove cow urine is indeed a wonderful drug.

Are the ministry of Human Resource and Development and Ministry of Science and Technology meant to demean science and politicize our education and consciously facilitate the infiltration of religious obscurantism and occultism into our science education?

Who in the present ministry has seen the birth of Rama in Ayodhya? It is not about questioning the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin whether it is right or not, true or fictitious, because such questions have been asked by scientist themselves to validate the credence of all such theories.

Therefore the issue is not about the questioning Darwinism but about the intention and associated politics. It looks like the present government is progressively editing the Indian education away from science and infusing Hindu religion, unfortunately certain practices that are highly faith based than scientific.

Hope the senior minister of Human Resource and Development will certainly put sufficient sense to the scientist minister to refrain from such public utterances that would not only shame the scientific credence of the country but also may make the face of the government look clumsy and grotesque in NEW INDIA.

The growing youths with high scientific temperament in this country will not take such irresponsible utterances of the Minister forgivably.

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