Promote Din-i Ilahi and achieve one religion nation and one election, dear Modiji
Promote Din-i Ilahi and achieve one religion nation and one election, dear Modiji

The instinct and aggression, the fantasy and obsession, supra scientific wisdom and chrono-historic perfection shown by the present government headed by Modiji in promoting the traditional faith based healing practices and integrating it with the scientifically proven allopathic system of medicine under the tag integrative health care approach raises big question to millions of Indians whether Modiji also would show same zeal and zest to promote the Din-i Ilahi (Religion of God) propounded by Mughal Emperor Akbar in India. 

Akbar in 1582 AD intends to merge the best elements of all religions to achieve religious tolerance and maximize amity and peace between different religions, created a new religion. The Din-i Ilahi otherwise called as “Religion of God” integrates Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism.    

The question before the nation is that whether Modiji would re-promote the religion created by the Mughal Emperor Akbar.  

If Modiji has limited his commitment to promote the traditional faith healing practices in its own way and proving science and validity of such practices, no one would have questioned his mission.  But when he adventures an experiment to inundate the walls of science, make them porous and evanescent to mix the faith healing practices into scientifically proven medical science and give holly bath to the occult faith based healing practices through science is only people of this country oppose and object.  

When people suffer from pseudo-diseases such as Hypochondria-ism or psychosomatic problems, definitely all such patients may respond well to placebo drugs.  As far as possible, all such patients should not be subjected to unnecessary medication.  Faith healing, regular counseling, make them feel that they are treated by drugs etc., are sufficient to help recover such patients.  

Perhaps in the pre-historic times, many people would have suffered from the above diseases as well.  When they see a patient or relative die due to lack of treatment and lack of scientific knowledge about the diagnosis and other medical details several centuries ago, naturally all the people around the patient were likely to develop fear of themselves getting such diseases as well without knowing the fact that their chance of suffering from such diseases are remote (if such diseases are not due any pathogens like cancer etc).  

This growing distress of people would have paved way for mantra healing, astrology, prayer healing & divine worship and finally the introduction of placebo recipes.    

If we look at the pre-historic data and associated claims, perhaps many of the placebo recipes would have worked effectively in dealing the human problems.  If we further dwell deeply for the presence of science if any in all those recipes, we may get to know that the patients who got great relief from all such faith recipes and conglomeration of several animate and inanimate substances in our environment may not have been suffering from any real medical problems but might have been suffering from mental problems limiting to pseudo diseases such Hypochondria-ism or psychosomatic problems.  

The question is not about the logic or the compelling reasons of Modiji in promoting the faith healing practices but what is so scientific about mixing all such recipes with scientifically proven allopathic system?  Instead of promoting the faith healing practices in its own way and trying to establish any science is present in all such faith healing practices, harming the health delivery system by mixing all such recipes as drugs raises serious doubts on the intentions of the present government.  

If the intentions of the government are true and pure that the best from everything must be integrated, then shouldn’t the government promote the already available best experiment - Din-i Ilahi more aggressively than faith healing practices?   

Today the religion and caste systems are dividing our society adversely.  Instead of having several religions in our country, why not our country adopts one religion - Din-i Ilahi so that Hindu, Islam, Christian, Sikh…. everyone in the country would follow the same religion.  

Promoting atheism may be difficult for any government in India.  But Din-i Ilahi can be promoted so that in near future India becomes a country of single, unified, tolerant religion where no religion can ever admonish the other.    

The dream of one nation, one election and one religion also Modiji can easily achieve.  No majoritarianism or minority appeasement will ever occur in politics and the religion would go totally irrelevant to politicians.  

People know that no government can adopt Din-i Ilahi as our national religion so is integrating faith healing practices with scientifically proven medicine.  

Therefore allowing the graduates from such faith healing practices to prescribe allopathic drugs and legalizing quackery is as dangerous as our nation adopting Din-i Ilahi.   

People of India urge Modiji to recognize the danger of legalizing cross pathy by faith healers at least for the sake of own political future if not for the sake of poor people in rural India.