Supreme Court verdict on Aadhar :
Supreme Court verdict on Aadhar : "Unique is better than best"

New delhi: Ever since controversy loomed on the Aadhar data leakage online, the Center's decision to compulsorily link Aadhar Card as a proof for various activities has actively been shunned by the public. There were 31 petitions against the Aadhar law, owing to violations against right to privacy of citizens. The Supreme Court's verdict on Wednesday addresses the same. A few key points from the verdict:

Your Aadhar Card is still valid as per the government, despite the security pitfall. The apex court's five-judge Constitution bench decided that Aadhar may not be the best, but it is a unique identification, and hence, should remain valid. It has even ordered the Center to formulate a comprehensive data security law at the earliest. 

Your data cannot be shared on the grounds on national security, as mandated by the previous Aadhar law. 

Additionally, here's a list of where your Aadhar Card comes into play, and where it doesn't. 

Aadhar Card is NOT Compulsory for:
1. Opening of bank accounts
2. Getting mobile connections.
3. School Admissions
4. Divulging to private companies

Aadhar Card is Compulsory for:
1. PAN Card linking

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