The Shrimad Ramayana is a very great epic with more stress on the phonetics. The sound or the phonetics is important to the epic and sound is the lifeline of the epic. The very interesting aspect of the Ramayana is that the entire epic as well as each sloka has phonetical connotation.

One can experience the sound in the description of the nature. Based on such sounds and phonetics, “Sri Panchayatana Sahita Ayutha Sri Maha Vishnu Maha Yagam” is crafted as an audio-visual epic in Yadadri, turning the whole temple town into a Great Yagadri from October 20, 2017.

The inaugural ceremony of such a great Maha Yagam, which can be best described as one of its kind in the world and which was never held anywhere commenced from June 28, 2017.

The Yagam is being organised with the sponsorship from the KHS Seva Trust and with donations from admirers, followers and other philanthropists spreading across the globe. Despite some initial hiccups, the Yagam is going on smoothly.

The Yagam is aimed at world peace, camaraderie among the people, fraternity among the mankind, religious tolerance, protection of environment, better food production and timely rains. This Yagam will take place uninterruptedly for 126 days to protect against all evils, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, famine, outbreak of diseases and other natural calamities in future.

When the same trust organised Atirathram Yagam at Etapaka near Bhadrachalam from April 21 to May 2, 2012, this writer was the Chief Coordinator. The Atiratram was performed under the guidance of traditional Nambudiri Brahmin families from Kerala.  

Lakhs of people from both the Telugu states as well as all over the country and even from abroad witnessed the Atirathram. The same Trust had organised Atirudram Smartha Soma Yagam in East Godavari district in 2013 with the participation of Veda Smartha scholars from Andhra, Telangana, Rayalaseema, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. 

Lord Sri Maha Vishnu is the preserver, protector and guardian of the entire Universe and the life forms. He is the Brahma of all the creations and no one is either equal or more than Him. Even if a blade of grass were to move, it must be with His will only. The entire body of Shastras, Epics, the Vedas and Upanishads say He is the creator of the Universe.

In the Vishnu Sahasra Nama Sthotra, Sri Veda Vyas mentions in the first two words that “Vishwam Vishnu Hu (Universe is Vishnu).” In the Mantrapushpam, it is mentioned that “Yagnovai Vishnu Hu” (Yagnam means Vishnu). This is how Lord Sri Maha Vishnu is described in so many ways.

The Yagam is being held during the Chaturmasa duration from the lunar month of Ashad, when Sri Maha Vishnu supposed to be in the Yoganidra (Yogic sleep) to the lunar month of Karthik, a dear month for both Lord Shiva and Keshava and. This Yagam is being organised under many interesting backdrops.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao initiated and implemented several innovative welfare and development programmes benefiting all sections of the people in the new state. Yadagiri Gutta is renamed as Yadadri and it is being converted into a major world-class temple town. Without disturbing the main deities of Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy, works are progressing on the fast-track to make it one of the best temple cities in the world.

Against such backdrop, the Sri Panchayatana Sahita Ayutha Sri Maha Vishnu Maha Yagam is being held. The idea to perform such great Yagam perhaps came to the trust leader Brahmasri Hariharanatha Sarma at the behest of Lord Vishnu himself.

The preliminaries of this Maha Yagam which commenced on June 23 concluded on July3, 2017. During the first five days, Brahmin Upasakas performed the Pancha Narasimha Upasana. During the second phase, 12 Rithviks everyday chanted 1,08,000 times Sri Narayanaasthakshari.

This phase which began on July 4 sustained for 108 days till October 19 and was held uninterruptedly. During these 108 days, from the first Ekadasi for 8 Ekadasi sacred days 24-hour Sahasranama Sthotra parayana, Nama Samkeerthana, Bhajans and on every Monthly Sivaratri, Varalxmi Vratham, Krishnansthami, Vinayaka-chaturdi, Dussera festival days special Archanas, Abhishekas, Homams were performed. In all 1,08, 00, 000 times the Narayanaasthakshari was recited.

The third and last phase began on October 20, 2017 and will go on till the month end. These 12 days, 10,80,000 (ten percent of the 1,08,00,000 chantings) Narayanaakshari Homams will be done. The Yagam will come to an end on first November 2017.

The meaning of Ayutha is ten thousand. Since the Homams are performed with 10,000 Purusha Sooktam texts the Yagam is named as Ayutha. Similarly, 10 times of the Ayutha accounting for one lakh invocations will take place. When Lord Vishnu Yagam is performed, one should worship Goddess Laxmi seated on the chest of the Lord.

Hence as part of the ceremony, 10, 800 Sri Sookta parayanas, 1080 Sri Sookta Homams and 1080 Bhoosookta parayanas are performed for the Goddess with chantings like “Medinidevi Vasundhara …. Vishnu Patnim Mahim Devi Madhaveem Madhava Priyam”. 

Every day for both the Lord and the Goddess, Abhisheka and Archana Alankarana is done. Abhisheka for Lord Ganesa is also done regularly besides Alankaram, Seershopanishad, Chaturavrutha Tarpana, Ganapti Homam, Surya Namaskarams, Tricharchana, Maha Soura Aruna parayanas are done.

Every day 121 Namaka Chamaka Parayanas, Laghu Rudrabhishekam, 11 days Maha Rudrabhishekam, Tricharchana Rudrakramarchana, Rudra Homam are done by the Vedic Scholars and Ritwiks. The entire ceremony is based on the Vedic traditions and methods. Whenever time permits, there will be spiritual discourses by the scholars. 

Another important feature of this Yagam is that it is being performed with Sri Vaikunta Narayana Maha Sudarshan Yantra Prastara yaga sala and with Homakundams. Every day free food is organized. On the last day of Yagam on November 1, 2017 Archanas, Maha Shanti Homam, Porrnahuthi, Avabrudham, Vedic blessings followed by Maha Anna Samaradhana is planned.

The organizers have invited everybody irrespective of the caste, creed, community from all over the world to the Yagam. The organizers have specially invited CM K Chandrashekhar Rao. (Writer is CPRO to Telangana Chief Minister)

By Vanam Jwala Narasimha Rao