Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

Our Prime Minister has so proudly and eloquently stated several times that his Government is free of scams and corruption allegations. Every government is duty bound to govern the state free of corruption and such governance is the minimum expectation of the people who have voted. If the Government has met that basic duty, can it be celebrated as a glorious achievement? Can a candidate appear for the post of CEO in an MNC afford to trumpet about his or her integrity as the principal eligibility? 

The present government was formed with several tall promises like eradication of corruption, job creation, sab ka Vikas etc. But today the hallmark achievement of the government seems to be a scam and corruption-free governance. Perhaps big-ticket scams may not have been there but can the present government say there is no corruption in government departments?  

How many have new employment opportunities were created in India since 2014? what is the status of our economy, is there any improvement in the standard of education, is there any significant difference in our rural health care delivery system? India’s lions share of the economy was in an informal market but the government has killed the unorganized business class in the name of such business practices to be illegal.

What is considered to be the minimum responsibility of any government is shown and showcased as an achievement by the present government. Will Indians buy this great product anymore?   

The questions to be answered are the galloping unemployment crisis, inflation, agrarian crisis and dwindling economy etc.  

The path-breaking approach of the government to address our rural health care delivery system is shocking.  

Whosoever has imparted such sacred advice to the Government appears ill intended may be due to ignorance or lack of sincerity to verify the facts before offering such remedy. Efforts to facilitate the transformation of AYUSH vaidyas to MBBS doctors through the process of pupa stage called bridge course is not a solution or remedy or treatment for the shortage of doctors in rural India but such an attempt is like injecting a most resistant pathogen that has long incubation time and the inoculum size is slightly less. However such pathogen is multidrug resistant, it means, the menace due to such hybrid doctors to our society cannot be wiped out for centuries.  

Already rampant cross pathy by several AYUSH vaidyas in private practice is taking place in different parts of India. The real health agony of poor people in rural India may be due to such cross pathy, who knows the real truth.

The contradiction displayed by our Prime Minister is quite amusing.  

Way back in 2014, to be more precise, in the month of November, our Prime Minister urged the Ayurveda fraternity to trust own system and practice own system and not to engage in cross pathy. But the cabinet chaired by the same Prime Minister in 2017 wants the AYUSH vaidyas to become MBBS doctors through a highly innovative process called bridge course.  

When the Government proposes to convert the AYUSH vaidyas to MBBS doctors though Midas touch, then who will be there to practice AYUSH? Then for whom our Prime Minister has inaugurated Ayurveda institute in Delhi and many such institutions are in the offing?  

The People’s Republic of China has almost undone the Mao Zedong experiment on the carnage of science thanks to Deng Xiaoping. Today China is one of the leading manufacturer and exporting countries of various active pharmaceutical agents of allopathic drugs. 

But it looks like we are reinventing the same wheel of Mao Zedong and BJP is trying to make Modi out of Mao Zedong in reviving Hindu faith system in the name of medical science.  Is this we should call as great reform in our health care delivery system?  

Re-invocation of Manuscript, Chatur Varna, revitalization of bio-moral recipes and repatriation of healers, temple priests, witchcraft etc., into our health care delivery system cannot be called as reform or vision for NEW INDIA.   

Similarly transforming AYUSH vaidyas to MBBS doctor through a bridge course is nothing but regressive decision aimed at destroying science for the sake of superstition and religious occultism. Such an effort also would destroy the existence of AYUSH.

People of India are definitely going to read the lines, between the lines and will certainly write their lines also may be in 2019.   

What is the real achievement of this government? Taking the country back to cave man’s age and make people become hunter-gatherer? Can this approach be appreciated by anyone with civic sense?  

Bing bang reform in medical and healthcare sector is a must. But people all over the world know of reforms to be progressive and positive. This is the first time we are witnessing a great reform in the world that would take humanity back to several centuries; where healing was practiced purely based on faith, faith in the vaidya and as well as in God. The experiment may have worked sometime and if so, then the credit was given to God as well as to the vaidya as the vaidya was considered as the representative of the God.  

If the treatment had ever failed (in all probability it would have failed), then the blame was on the part of past karma of the poor patient which neither the vaidya nor the God could do anything.  

People are not going to find any amusement out of the loud claim on scam free government as it is the bare minimum responsibility of the government.  

What about reforms and vision for New India?  Is the bridge course part of NEW INDIA vision, agenda for made in India and part of skill India?  

Dr S Ranganathan