Jan Dhan accounts under I-T scanner

Jan Dhan accounts under I-T scanner

Around 6.50 lakh accounts were opened under Prime Minister  Jan Dhan Yojana scheme across the undivided Adilabad district two years ago. 

Nirmal: Thousands of Jan Dhan accounts have come under the I-T scanner as crores of Rupees have been deposited in such accounts ever since demonetisation of 500 and 1000 noteswas announced by the Union government on November 8.

Around 6.50 lakh accounts were opened under Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana scheme across the undivided Adilabad district two years ago.

These accounts which were penniless for fast two years, got deposited post demonetisation raised doubts among the Income Tax sleuths.

According to reports these deposits made by the people who hoard unaccounted money.Government warned the Jandhan account holders that they would be prosecuted under the IT Act for allowing misuse of their accounts knowingly or unknowingly through deposit of black money.

The directives comes against the back drop of reports that some people were misusing other bank accounts, especially accounts of the rural innocent people to convert their black money into white. In many cases commissions and rewards are being given to account holders for helping them.

Some black money holders launched efforts to convince jandhan account holders to convert their money by offering them fifty percent commission.

The government said in case of jandhan account misuse, a holder can deposit only Rs 50,000, if deposits more than that, it will be under scrutiny for the abetment under the Income Tax Act.

People were under impression that no action would be taken for deposits up to 2.50 lakh during November 9 to December 30 but that’s not true in regard with jandhan accounts.

Government officials asked the people to provide information of such illegal activities to the IT officials so that immediate action can be initiated and illegal transfer of money can be stopped. It asked the people not to be lured by the unscrupulous black money hoarders.

They were even warned that in such cases of misusing the Jandhan accounts the account holders would miss access to all government welfare schemes along with their pensions.

Sathyapu Srinivas Reddy

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