Group of Ministers has no magic wand

Group of Ministers has no magic wand

Telangana Issue: Group of Ministers Has No Magic Wand. The process which has been employed by the UPA-II reminds the quote of Salvador Dali, 'What is...

The process which has been employed by the UPA-II reminds the quote of Salvador Dali, "What is important is to spread confusion not to eliminate it." Since the CWC decision the UPA-II instead to strive hard to hammer out an agreeable deal between people of two regions it has engulfed the atmosphere with its bulldozing attitude.

It has always played its cards close to its chest on bifurcation and blaming the other parties for taking this leap. The Cabinet Note introduction, GoM reorganisation, turning deaf year to the concerns of Seemandhra people and a hurried call for an all-party meeting are standing examples of UPA-II’s vague manner. It is very imperative to notice that Union Government neither pays heed to the people’s appeals nor to the Seemandhra leaders’ submissions because there are rumours it had a shady deal with a new party which is expected to sweep the upcoming polls.
Though it is aware of the consequences of bifurcation it is blindly banking its hope on GoM to resolve all the issues.
But there is no magic wand in the hands of GoM and it had its poker's face when BJP delegation posed query on addressing concerns of Seemandhra people.
Further the time slot given to each party denotes the GoM concern on a very tricky issue. In a hurry to creep to the throne UPA-II had stuck to its guns with inflexible attitude.
It is always agreeable remark made by Eleanor Roosevelt "Justice cannot be done for one side alone but must be for both." But with the pace UPA-II is moving on T-formation provides scope that it has predetermined and whatever they followed is a window process. It is astonishing that without cracking some hard nuts like Hyderabad status, 371-D status, River water distribution, new capital location, higher education facilities etc, they are busy in drafting the bill and paving the way for the passage of bill.
It seems that Congress party high command/UPA-II gave little to their Seemandhra cadre and playing its hard ballgame against its defiant Chief Minister Kiran Reddy and bestowing to keep Sonia's promise. It is amazing to watch Congress party winning tactics of game when there is no hope at all. With its force it made the Rock of Gibraltar like will of Seemandhra for united State to melt and to flow with the stream. Though the Congress-UPA had its last laugh on bifurcation due to the incongruent attitude of Seemandhra leaders, people should not remain as losers. Hence the GoM should have to strive hard on the following issues.
1) Location of capital should be agreeable and accessible.Though the Hyderabad is common capital for 10 years there should be a gradual shifting of offices yearly to habituate people with capital.
2) Protection to the Seemandhra people who settled in Hyderabad.
3) Safeguarding the interests of Seemandhra employees working in Hyderabad
4) Huge financial packages to the underprivileged area of Rayalaseema and North Andhra.
5) A mechanism should be set up for monitoring river water allocation and distribution.
6) Continuance of local status to Seemandhra for admissions in higher and central institutions for a period of ten years.
7) It is better to identify the areas at which mutual co operation required and see that a give and take policy which will strengthen the bonds between two Telugu States such as electricity to T-State and water, education, health facilities.
Whatever be the reasons for the cleavage of the first linguistic, State it is time to accept it with a big heart. Further no skies will fall with division of State. It is right according to K.T.R when we are sharing waters with Pakistan why can't with other Telugu State? It is natural the exchange of words and emotions when two brothers are going to divide. It is right time to recognize the significance of Deming's remark "Discussion is the exchange of knoweldge; argument is an exchange of ignorance".
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