Suicide no solution at all

Suicide no solution  at all

Suicide no solution at all, Dr Indla Ramasubba Reddy, Uday Kiran, Uday Kiran's death. Many cine stars in the past that could not cope up with the...

The tragic suicide of hero Uday Kiran made people all over the state shell-shocked. The artistes, in particular, who enjoy being in the limelight for quite some time could not digest the sudden loss of their position in the movie field.

In the movie field business relations play a bigger role than human relations. What we see on the silver screen, the colorful heroic acts of stars should not be taken what they really are in their real life. Except for a few, many upcoming stars do not have godfathers to promote them in the industry. After enjoying success in a few movies they could not bear the failure even in one movie. They feel miserably upset and get depressed and even develop suicidal tendencies at times. For many young stars in the field this is a reality. Cine World is a "maaya prapancham" (illusionary world) and highly unpredictable. Nobody knows what would happen next.

Many cine stars in the past that could not cope up with the stress in the career and also in personal and family life committed suicide.

Noted Hollywood star and the most glamorous heroine Marilyn Monroe committed suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills in 1962. She was married and separated thrice.

In the Bollywood, the beautiful, Madhubala, heroine of Mogul-e-Azam committed suicide at the age of 36. It was a tragic triangular love story between Madhubala, Prem Nath and Dilip Kumar.

Divya Bharathi, another upcoming heroine also died in a similar situation though there were many doubts regarding her death.

Meena Kumari, the heroine of popular movie Pakeeza became alcoholic due to frustration in life and died in 1972.

Phataphat Jayalakshmi of "Anthuleni Katha" fame also committed suicide following relationship problems with some of her co-stars.

Silk Smitha another glamorous star committed suicide due to relationship issues. In her suicide note, Silk Smitha was said to have mentioned the ruined relations for her death. Nobody knew that she was so sensitive to the relations till her death. Shoba, national best actress awardee and Balu Mahendra's heroine and later his second wife committed suicide. In a different context, Prathyusha, a budding actress had also committed suicide.

There are so many more examples to the long list.

The sensitive artistes feel dejected when they were neglected by the industry. But many of them keep on waiting for a turnaround. They knew if there was one hit, there would be a huge difference to their future in the industry.

Failing to get good opportunities in films, breaking of friends, financial problems, relationship issues on one side and the lack of emotional support from the family members and the near and dear would make a person to think of committing suicide as a last resort.

On the other hand there are others who in spite of their failures and problems in life still will be optimistic and have hope about their future. They take the challenges and come up in life. For example, yesteryear Telugu heroine Jayaprada after divorce to Srikanth Nahta attempted suicide twice. But later we all know how she re-entered cine field and also politics. She became member of Rajya Sabha and also later got elected to the Lok Sabha.

So the message is, people should try to accept failures and successes equally and try to find some better alternatives in life than thinking of committing suicide as if it is the only solution.

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