Congress has past; No futher

Congress has past; No futher

It’s impossible that Congress in Telangana State can rise to form a government. It cannot, in the near future, assume the position of a credible...

It’s impossible that Congress in Telangana State can rise to form a government. It cannot, in the near future, assume the position of a credible alternative to the ruling TRS party. All the hype that was generated during the week over Revanth Reddy joining Congress has dissipated in less than few hours of him joining the party along with a few inconsequential leaders in contemporary state politics.

This one-week drama is a storm in a tea cup. Factually, Congress is losing ground across Telangana State. This party’s cadre and leaders with the exception of a few assemblies have already turned coats and have deserted the party. The outflows from top to bottom in Congress party in the last three-and-a-half years are unprecedented and historic. Congress has already lost its Legislative Council Chairman, a few past party presidents, a few parliamentarians, many former and sitting MLAs and loads of MLCs, apart from a massive displacement of local body leaders from across the organisation of the state party.

Congress party not just in Telangana State but across the country is experiencing this flight pattern. It’s being considered a ship which is wrecked at the harbor and can’t set sail into the ocean again; so, the travellers and even the crew are disembarking for good.

The Revanth Reddy episode is an exception to the current trend the Congress is facing across the nation. While he has all the rights to join the party he wishes, I have a strong feeling that he overreacted to few incidents after Singareni election outcomes. He seems to be also reading too much, too soon into prospective political partnerships in Telangana State and has subsequently rushed his decision to join Congress, presuming zero options. I foresee a huge regret and a possible drift from Congress party by Revanth Reddy sooner than later. With the degree of ambition he possesses, his expectations can shatter in very less time.

However, the Congress made good of the opportunity and painted the town red to gain some perceptive mileage over its arch-rival and the real alternative BJP. People across the nation, including people of Telangana from across the length and breadth of the state, rejected the Congress in 2014. The rejection in the state is bitterer, as the dismal loss came even after Congress claimed its trump card of giving Telangana State.

Congress has fallen to new lows in Telangana State not with an overall national downfall, but with its disastrous leadership within the state. The same leaders drive the party even today and it’s the same Congress which will go to polls again. Congress party has nothing new to offer to the people of Telangana. People have neither aspirations nor any expectations from Congress party.

Yes, Congress has a past. A past which smacks of dynastic politics, family first agenda, massive corruption scandals, policy paralysis, divisive vote-bank politics and a historic record of misgovernance of over 60 years. This past doesn’t make Congress a credible alternative anywhere in India, leave alone Telangana State, especially when there’s a regional alternative and also a strong national party like BJP. It clearly establishes that the future is bleak for Congress in a three-corner fight.

Unlike the past, BJP in Telangana carries the traction it receives from being the largest and the strongest party in the country, through its national leadership. BJP apart from running the Central government has 17 state governments and is poised to win in another 3 states in the next quarter. BJP across the nation is rising along with the rising expectations and aspirations of commoners in India.

Commoner’s faith on BJP agenda, its ideology, and its leadership are giving it successive victories across the nation. Telangana State is no foreign land nor a disconnected island; it’s the 29th state of Indian union and people in this state share same aspirations and expectations as their fellow Indians.
The common people of India are tired of family-driven fiefdoms; they want to put an end to these corrupt conglomerates of nepotism.

They want better living standards, better infrastructure and value for money, dignified livelihood and decentralised governance for better delivery. The voters today also expect those who got their vote to keep their manifesto promises and deliver their commitments. They are in no mood to bring back incorrigible, incredible and corrupt families into governance, neither local nor national.

BJP is a national party with inclusive development agenda, ‘Nation First’ and ‘Integral Humanism’ as its ideology. As the Indian democracy is maturing, the nationals seem to realise the huge gap between the cup and the lip. They seem to also understand the massive negative propaganda by Congress party against BJP’s governance agenda and ideology.

The doubts which were created in the minds of the masses are demystified and they understand that BJP stands singularly for their development. BJP is demolishing the walls Congress, a few of its regional allies and Communists have built between communities. Congress empire built with the signature style of divisive politics using religion, caste, region, language for guaranteed vote banks is crumbling with sharp and credible communication from the national leadership of the BJP.

Congress cannot rise in Telangana, nor can it anywhere in India. Those who are migrating to Congress are miscalculating the return of Congress with the prodigal son as its saviour; however, they seem to forget that Rahul Gandhi is already a spent force and has been at the helm even through 2014 elections.

The people of Telangana will weigh the options, and will not fall into the trap of a corrupt Congress party driven by a family from Delhi. They will not swing from one family in Telangana to another in Delhi. They will choose BJP which has proven its credentials for leading people-centric, development-centric governments across the country. BJP-governed states are experiencing growth, communal harmony, inclusive development and prosperity of the masses through very successful templates of governance. Telangana people are judicious to understand the consequences of their franchise in the next election.

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